Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thunder Tea Rice (Hakka Lei Cha)

Thunder Tea Rice aka Hakka Lei Cha, is a real healthy traditional Hakka cuisine. Simple ingredients and yet full of goodness. It helps to lower cholesterol, remove body toxins, fluid wastes, strengthen immune system, ease digestion, combat flu and headache etc.

The best thing is the soup – which consist of ground ingredients like groundnuts, sesame seeds, green tea leaves, mint leaves, basil leaves, Chinese parsley, coriander leaves, ngai or mugwort and fuliksum. This soup is poured over the rice (white or brown rice) that served with side dishes (beancurd, vegetables like wing beans, cabbage, long bean etc). But, I always eat the rice by mixing with the side’s dishes and drink the soup separately. I love it that way. A plate of chilli padi with light soy sauce is a must for me to go with the rice.

The photo I have above was ordered from a non-vegetarian eatery – S$4, Thunder Tea Rice at Food Republic. Just tell them you want a non-vegetarian version if you don’t mind having vegetarian food prepared by non-vegetarian eatery. You can also purchase another bowl of soup if you like it so much.

Most of the Vegetarian Eateries do serves this dish but not on a daily basis. This is also a popular dish for the Vegetarian Eateries in Malaysia.

Where: Thunder Tea Rice.
Web: www.thundertearice.com.sg

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