Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bombay Cafe Xpress @ Suntec City Mall

Dosa @ S$6++

Bollywood Cuisine? The Taste of Vegetarian Dinning?

I watch Bollywood Hindi Movie and sometime I really enjoy those really good ones.  For a taste of Bollywood, I went to BombayCafe Xpress @ Suntec  (near to the Basement Foodcourt) which look very much like the Hindi Movie - uses strong colour and yet in harmonise - Fuchsia Pink, Black, lights are Dim and  hear songs from the Hindi Movies and the screens on the wall showing Bollywood Superstars dancing energetically ...

Still trying to discover the wonders of Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, I do not really venture too far yet, just in case ... unless, there is more good recommendation from other diners or maybe I should try the Indian Chinese Cuisine instead. I ordered something from light eat category - Dosa @ S$6 and love the coconut chutney with mint very much.

For Dosa, which is a common food item that we can get it anywhere and even find a cheaper one in Little India Singapore, but I guess I am paying for the price of the different dining experience.

Where: Bombay Cafe Xpress. 3 Temasek Boulevard. #B1-020 Suntec City Mall.Singapore 038983. Tel: +65 62388239

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