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Rediscover 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant bits by bits (II) ...

Food Review – Eight Treasures Celebrates World Vegetarian Day Special Menu         

I was not the only one been invited, other bloggers and many others. According to Ms Zenna, she had planned The World Vegetarian Day to be a Special Event for ALL to have fun and enjoy … And 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant Privilege Card Members enjoyed 20% discount dinning there on World Vegetarian Day (to be a privilege card members, check out the details there, it’s simple and easy).

I must praised Ms Zenna for such lovely idea to get more (vegetarian or not) to know about World Vegetarian Day, Vegetarian Cuisine and have fun at the same time. Who knows World Vegetarian Day can become a Big and Exciting Event in Singapore in the future. Or another interesting event to be listed for Tourist brochures or magazine …

 Here is the picture of the Special Menu …
(in black & white photo)
The Special Menu was simply and beautifully designed, featuring some of the Signature Dishes and Popular dishes. For Chinese Food, the norm is always served in large portions and to be shared among the dinner. And this tradition is kept in this restaurant.

What amazed me is the flexibility that 8 Treasures Restaurant is capable of – adopting the new concept of serving the meal in individual portion, and demonstrated their strength of its Kitchen Team to be able design beautiful visual presentation and yet be consistent with the presentation of the dishes.  

The concept of serving multi-course menu in relatively small portion so as to enjoy a more variety of Chinese Dishes without worrying about the quality is popular in Japan – Haute Chinese Cuisine. And locally, Celebrity Chef Sam Leong was the one who create the awareness of modern Chinese Cuisine to be served on individual plates so that the presentation is not destroyed and lose its originality of the dish.  

So, if you want to have such special arrangement for a special event (Birthday or Party etc) or to entertain guests, check with them. They do wedding banquet with customization of the menu upon request … For us, it means more choices …

Tea - Rate 4.5/5
In Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Tea is served, normal there are few choices – common one are Jasmine Tea, Pu Er Tea, some do serve Chrysanthemum Tea or Homemade Herbal Tea etc. We were served Special Homemade 8 Treasures Tea – oops, I forgotten their ingredients list for this tea. My non-vegetarian friend who dined with me on that night said that it were so much different from the 8 Treasures Tea she had at home. We really like it very much.

 Almost finished Eaten Green Papaya Pickles ( in black & white photo)
Green Papaya N Braised Peanuts Appetizer 
(poor photo quality due to missing flash light)

Appetizers – Rate 4/5 (it was a little too hard for me, otherwise 4.5/5)
Another special surprise to me is the Appetizer, I am not sure whether other feel the same.

Lately, I have been playing with Appetizer in my recipe blog and I feel that appetizers could be more interesting. In most restaurants, I can easily find Green Papaya Pickles but in 8 Treasures Restaurant they make this special, it meets my expectations for colour combination (with carrot slice – orange on greenish white papaya) and a unique taste (touch ginger bud). It took me some time to figure out the refreshing taste come from another ingredient added – touch ginger bud which added a new twist to this common crunchy appetizer.

All these little details convey a simple message to some diners – whether the special component – heart and soul of the Chef has been added to make unknowable simple dish unique, delicious and improving on their dishes to please their customer …

So, is 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant one of those Vegetarian Eateries charting out the future possibilities for Modern Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine ...

To Be Cont’d …  

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant 
282A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058831
Tel:65 6534 7727
(next to Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Free Museum in Singapore Chinatown)  

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