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Rediscover 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant bit by bit (Last Part) …

Food Review – Eight Treasures Celebrates World Vegetarian Day Special Menu (Last Part)
Up to this point, on this special menu we might think that almost half of the dishes consist of mock meat (more or less). However, Ms Zenna did mention that there are other non-mock meat vegetarian dishes on their menu consisting 120 dishes (in the Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide, its price range is S$7.60 to S$16.90, no GST).

8 Treasures did whip up the Chinese Dishes in right way that avoid the greasy and heavy feel.  In this new food presentation style and new art of eating, such mini amount is beautiful as too much can be a distraction and this make you eager for the next one. This allows one to taste, enjoy a variety of dishes and appreciate its flavour and yet not “overdose”. Besides, these deep-fried item dishes here were balanced off with lots of green garnish or vegetables or fruit salad.

Over consumption would have a bad after effect. Many years back, I remember treating my ex-colleagues to a Vegetarian Restaurant and to impress them I ordered a lot which was a mistake. When the meal started, everyone was excited and enjoying, however but after the whole lunch, they were so full that they would not want to touch vegetarian food for a long while. 

(Note: The missing of using flash light under the romantic lighting in the restaurant, the photo can’t really display the food well! However, no worry, a sweet Food Blogger had taken beautiful pictures – check it out there : All About Veggies )

Nonya Style Mock Fish - Rate 3.5/5
The Mock Fish which was not deep-fried, it is definitely good for those who wanted a more healthy cooking. My way of eating is to 'mesh up' or 'broken up' the mock fish into tiny pieces and let it fully absorb the sauce for a more robust taste. This dish was paired with good variety of veggies giving the dish a good colour combination. I like the veggies in this slightly thick sauce and can be real appetizing dish as the sauce goes well with the rice.  I love sour stuff but find this a little bit too sour (however my non-vegetarian friend find that sourness just nice), maybe it is not spicy enough for me who is so use to eating chilli padi. I could have added some of their delectable sambal chilli (it is good) to make it spicier.

Eight Treasures Beancurd – Rate 4/5
This is delectable and it has to be paired with a bowl of rice, if not it was be rather salty. At 8 Treasures, their brown rice was a little special – it is has barley in it! Every dishes on the menu, even the insignificant one does carry a message about the eatery, although not all would spot that. Those few little barley does make this bowl of rice stand out - serving us special food, good healthy and nutritious food.

Crispy Vegetarian Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad -  Rate 4/5
This is not a mock chicken – but homemade using natural ingredients like seaweed, beancurd skin and potatoes. Very crispy, All About Veggies captured a real beautiful zoom in picture of this. The fresh salad which consist of the chewy and high fibre nata de coco, gives a refreshing taste.

Dessert – Rate 5/5
I hardly order any dessert in restaurant but I would still like to go for restaurant with good dessert especially if I am treating my friend. There were 2 types of dessert for us to choose from but we get to sample both. Ms Zenna has been very considerate offering the choice of hot and cold dessert for us. Diners love choices and the feeling that eatery put in that extra effort or special touch because they are passionate about the food they serves and their guests.

White Fungus with Apply and Papaya
White Fungus Desserts is a traditionally consume to help maintain a healthy body, improving the blood circulation and boosting the body’s immunity. We were served with this nourishing and refreshing for those who want the goodness of this dessert or suitable for those who does not consume so much cold stuff or the elderly.  The white fungus is real soft and fantastic.

Strawberry Sago with Ice Cream
This is a special dessert – Strawberry was used instead for this special occasion. It was a sweet delight! Suitable for adult and young ones too.

Here come to the end of the Special Dinner!

I really enjoyed the dinner and it was more important to me that my non-vegetarian friend enjoyed it too. So the restaurant had successfully convey the message – “We do not wish to advocate vegetarianism, but only to encourage and educate that vegetarian food is not always fried, oily, and boring. via action and their food.

Why title this as rediscovering 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant? Early last year, I did accidentally dine there and the experience was good but too brief. What impression I had was friendly staff and good service (even I ordered very little), yummy food and cool ambience, therefore I still remember to mention it 1 or 2 times in the VSS forum.  However, as not much was know about this restaurant and their expanded menu with good varieties, it slipped off my mind totally, so it became just another vegetarian eatery.

Next, I would like to try out other dishes on their menu (which I haven't really read through, only remember seeing something like Buddha Jump Over the Wall ...) Another reason, besides the food is delicious, I also discovered that dinning in this restaurant I learn a lot and there are little surprises - new art of eating, you can enjoy deep-fried items yet don't need to worry, barely can be added to brown rice, nata de coco can be used in fruit salad, it is all about sharing and enjoying wholesome food ...

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant 
282A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058831
Tel:65 6534 7727
(next to Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Free Museum in Singapore Chinatown)


Sunny said...

Yummy! so tempting! :-)

A veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

:) Sunny I haven't really explored their 120 dishes on their menu. One fine day, must go down to dine there again and read through their menu ... some items are of reasonable price and therefore make dinning there and get to enjoy the cool ambience, affordable.

Guess, it is also a nice place to rest the exhausting legs after shopping or sightseeing in Chinatown and have a nice lovely chat with friend in a cosy environment.

There are some western dishes too and some good dishes that worth recommending to Tourists. A must try place for some of veg*nised Chinese cuisine delicacies, if Chinese cuisine is not of their choice, there is still western dishes like Fish & Chip(if i remember correctly) and other things worth going, won't go wrong :p

Cheers :)

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