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Komala's Deli @ Yishun Northpoint - The Food Mall

 Komala's @ The Food Mall (B2) ... facing the travelor, very easy to locate ... 

Long queue .... 
Lately, have been reading about Foodie’s Blog posts on Indian Vegetarian Cuisine that make me feel like having an Vegetarian Indian Meal.  

In fact, I would love to go to Little Indian in Singapore for a Vegetarian Indian Meal as that is the place full vibes, with the oldest vegetarian restaurants (Anada Bhavan since 1924 and Komala Vilas since 1947), with lots of Indian Vegetarian Foods choices (even at the non-veg eateries) – South Indian Vegetarian Food, North Indian Vegetarian Food, traditional Indian vegetarian food, modern Indian Vegetarian Food etc.  (There are 4 other Vegetarian Cuisines Restaurants there too.)

However, I went to Komala’s Deli @ Yishun North Point (in front of Yishun MRT) which is much more convenient to go and so much nearer in comparison.  I knew about Komala’s at The Food Mall in Yishun Northpoint since last year, but totally forgotten about it until I read about the article about Food in Yishun/Sembawang which featured Komala, Gai Gen Xiang Vegetarian Cuisine and another vegetarian stall @ Vari Nice Coffeshop besides other non-vegetarian cuisine.  

My young man likes Indian Vegetarian Food, maybe I had introduced him to this cuisine at a right age with the right type of food he enjoyed. His primary school even organized a day culture trip to Little India where they dined in an Indian Eatery for lunch to learn how to appreciate and eat Indian Food with hand.  For me, I have not really fallen in love with Indian Cuisine yet, although I do like Prata, Naan, Chapatti, Dosai, and Indian Rojak.

 Menu and pricing ...
I have a little hard time in ordering, as I don’t know how to eat Indian Food and at the same time, I feel like having Paper Masala Dosai, Naan. We ordered the Cone Dosai S$4 and Briyani Poori Meal Set S$6. It is simply too much for one person and is enough to feed 2 persons based on our standard. So we shared.  

If I remember correctly these dishes at Komala Vilias in Little India, the price are much cheaper.  Factor in the time and cost saved in going all the way to Little India from my place, it might even out and still considered ok.  However, dining in Komala in Little India, the dinning experience is different because of the vibes, if you love it.

Komala’s Deli at Foodcourt is more like a fast food chain but bringing restaurant-quality food nearer to those who does not go to Little India. This is not the only outlet – check out the rest here:
Cone Dosai S$4

 A REAL TALL Cone Dosai S$4 (you need extra care in carrying it to the table …)

Curry to go with the dosai …

 Dosai serves with sides dishes - Chutney …  
White Chutney is Coconut Chutney, Green Chutney might be coriander and mint! Oops, the Red Chutney, not to sure!
Briyani Poori Meal Set S$6

Briyani Poori Meal Set with poori and vada  …

2 mini Poori from the set (it is deflating …)  Oops … how to eat the Poori?

This little doughnut is Vada (a little bit hard), how should I eat it?

Curry and accompaniments (not too sure what are they and how to eat them with the set meal)
Far left: Curry and it is spicy (I love the spiciness).
Top: yogurt based with vegetable, if I am not wrong, it is Raita that “smoother” the flames of the spicy curry.
Right: Dal which it should eat together with the rice (but the rice is so tasty that it can be eaten as it is).
Bottom: ? errr.... taste sweet and not too sure what is it …

Besides having a little difficulty in going about eating this Set Meal, it is delicious. And looking at the long queues which consist not only Indian but also other races (likely to be non-vegetarian), the food must be of good standard.  The only thing I don’t like about is the plastic cutlery and plastic container which break easily and not so environment friendly. I will be back there for Masala Dosai, Samosa and other!

If you prefer Chinese Vegetarian Food in The Food Mall in Northpoint, there is one at the back of the same food court. It has been there for many years, selling the standard dishes that you would find in most of the vegetarian food stall.

Where: Komala’s Deli. Yishun Northpoint. The Food Mall. Basement 2. Tel: 67540994. (infront of Yishun MRT)


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Good post Crystal!

It depends on what type of Indian food suits you best i guess. I've always preferred North Indian (curries, naan's, roti etc). Komala's, i find, tends to serve more South Indian.

I recommend trying some of the North Indian curries, like a basic butter masala, palak paneer, malai kofta, those type of curries tend to have wide approval by most people!

PS - Glad my blog is igniting these cravings!



a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


You are right - Komala serves South Indian Cuisine.

I wanted to try North Vegetarian Indian Cuisine, so far I have tasted Non-Veg North Indian Cuisine at one of Indian Restaurant at Boat Quay before i turned Vegetarian, that was lovely.

Will take note of the Restaurant you suggested.

Thanks again.

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

Before my India trip 5years ago, I only tried Roti Prata & Indian rojak, after India trip I get to know abt Poori which we almost get for every meal but back in Spore had not tried as the sauces usually comes with onion or garlic which I avoided. In this recent trip, we were served Naan instead for almost every meal. But I still prefered Poori. There was a nice masala potato dish that we tried & their nice yoghurt toufu which sth like goat's cheese. For this trip, didn't really get to taste authetic Indian cuisine as they catered to pro-Chinese food but there are some pleasant surprises in the way some pro-chinese dishes were cooked. Need to tidy up my photos for a while. :-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny

Looking forward to your postings :) so you are back from the trip, that's nice.

Roti Prata & Indian Rojak are created in Singapore, Roti John too! Back in India, they don't have it. Roti Prata is brought back to India, if i get it right.

I find Poori interesting, it is like a big balloon. I might prefer naan to roti prata, as i alway have the impression that prata is too oily and i didn't really find out is it truth or not :)

If there is more information on how to eat Indian Food, that would be nice. It is great to know more.

Cheers :)

Sunny said...

wow, didn't know abt the history of prata. However, the Naan tried was much like the plain Roti Prata in Spore so I was wondering what's teh difference betw the 2 except maybe in shape.:-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

I don't really know how to differentiate them!

Cheers :)

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