Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre @ Pearls Centre Chinatown

Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre @ Pearls Centre (back view, nearer to the lift)
Usually, after blood donation at Bloodbank @ HSA, I will go for the free refreshment at Ginger Café and drink more water which I would bring along and then head home immediately via the public transport – MRT.

I like to go for blood donation alone and go home immediately. For normal whole blood donation and either 300ml (< 50kg) or 450ml (>50kg)of blood is drawn depending on the weight. As for my weight and as a thalassemia minor, 450ml of blood is drawn for each donation so that plasma can be recovered (processed as individual blood product from the whole blood) if I get it right. So, I always avoid exhausting myself and I can sleep or rest  and consume plenty of fluid at home (not soft drink of course).

But, recently, I happened to read a post this eatery by The Hungry Ang Mo.  Since I  have my camera with me so I just walked over to Pearls Centre which is rather near to Outram Park MRT for another eating session!

This vegetarian eatery has been around for many years. When I turned vegetarian in 1993, this eatery was one of those few vegetarian restaurants that we can go to. Nowadays, been a vegetarian is such a blessing as there are so many vegetarian eateries mushrooming everywhere and even non-vegetarian eateries are vegetarian friendly.

Nothing much has changed in this eatery, the surrounding looks the same just like any normal Chinese Restaurants in the 80s, the menu looks the same only with a little a dollar or more increase for some of the dishes, no service charge and GST and the staff look the same too.

I really didn’t feel like eating much as I have lunch prepared at home. And dinning alone, I can’t order much except for those noodle or rice dishes like Hor Fun, Fried Noodle, Fried Rice etc. 

Vegetable Curry S S$4.00 and Steamed Rice (small) @ S$0.50
But I wanted more vegetables, therefore I ordered curry vegetable (deep-fried tofu, potatoes, cabbage and beancurd skin) and a small bowl of steamed rice.  On the whole, the curry looks quite plain and without much color or vegetable variety and tastes just like any normal curry but a little thicker.  But the price is reasonable and the plus point here is that there is no mock meat used for this dish, the ingredients like potatoes, tofu, cabbage  are of high nutrients. And for any one who is of health conscious regarding the curry sauce which used coconut milk, we can simple doesn't consume it or just have a little.

They do have a rather reasonable menu but toward traditional Chinese vegetarian cuisine. And there were quite a sizable crowd on a weekday lunch time after 1pm when I was there. The pricing of the dishes are reasonable.

Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre - Vegetarian Grocery Shop
And they do have a little shop beside the restaurant near the lift but the door is shut, so you want to buy any vegetarian products or grocery there, you need to approach them at the cashier.  I have bought some stuff from them before.

Where: Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre. 100 Eu Tong Sen Street. #03-16 Pearls Centre. Singapore 059812. Tel: 62226141.
Business Hour: 11am - 8.30pm


Anonymous said...

You can find some interesting products at the Chinese Medical Emporium opp the Vegn Restaurant too. Is it still there?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Anonymous,

I didn't check out the Chinese Medical Emporium for a long time already, mainly, I always go via the back (other side) to take the lift ...

Should check it out next round ... Thanks :)

Cheers :)

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