Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thunder Tea Rice Vermicelli @ Woodlands Mart KouFu

Thunder Tea Rice Vermicelli 
Starting to feel a little bit tire of having the same old vegetarian food which most of the vegetarian foodstall served, I decided to try the new product at the Thunder Tea Rice operating at Woodlands Mart KouFu Foodcourt (there is a vegetarian stall in the same foodcourt). 

The reason that I like to patronize Thunder Tea Rice is due to their management acknowledge that their dishes are suitable for vegetarian in their advertisements etc. For me, I am a flexible vegetarian who does not mind eating vegetarian food from non-vegetarian eateries, if their dishes are delectable, creative and meet my vegetarian diet requirement, why not?

This new product - Thunder Tea Rice Vermicelli which currently available at 2 of their outlets is just like Soupy Bee Hoon and it is real delicious. Usually, my style of eating Thunder Tea Rice is without the soup added. The different type of simple stir-fry vegetable mixed with with some chilli in soy sauce and rice is already appetizing and can be eaten as it is. And I love to drink the soup separately, it is so precious that I would enjoy the piping hot soup slowly.

Since, it is rice Vermicelli (unless, you like Dried Thunder Rice Vermicelli), I pour in the Thunder Tea Soup directly into it and with some spicy chilli padi in soy sauce, it is just lovely.  It is very refreshing, light and fills with aroma of the fresh herbs. Yummy, if it can be piping hot that would be much better. If the rice vermicelli is brown rice vermicelli, it would be even better and more nutritious.

I have ordered 2 bowls of Thunder Tea Rice Soup and it was so nice of the server to check with me whether I want to add more Thunder Tea Paste to my soup (which I am willing to pay for the extra charge). That really makes my day and it just made the Thunder Tea Rice Soup more condense and added oomph to it.  

After trying this, I think next round, I would ordered just Thunder Tea Rice without rice or rice vermicelli, just vegetables in the condense Thunder Tea Rice Soup, I have a feel that is going to be very delicious too.  I feel like creating a Green Soupy Rice Vermicelli recipe without so much vegetables or just some special veggies ...

For the price, it varies between different foodcourt, so I shall leave the pricing out but it is real reasonable. If they can be more environmental friendly in this stall, discard using disposable plastic chilli sauce plate, that would be wonderful.

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Where: Thunder Tea Rice. Woodlands Mart KouFu FoodCourt. Blk 768 Woodlands Ave 6. #01-30 Singapore 730768. 

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