Sunday, February 07, 2010

HANKOOK Rice Cake House @ Novena Square 2

I can't express how HAPPY  I am to find another Vegetarian Friendly Eatery -  at Novena Square 2 Futhermore , it is a Korean Eatery !

The beautiful signboard ... WOW!
Look at the big beautiful signboard - "PURELY VEGETARIAN!".  No butter, no egg, no milk - isn't that VEGAN? 

Korean Snack for samping ... So pretty ... 

The friendly Korean lady (speak mandarin) even told me that the Korean Snack is Vegetarian too and invited me to sample before buying. There are just SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL - in a such neat and nice box for you to sample (use the toothpick given). How could I resist the temptation not to pick them up and put into my mouth.

I could not resist taking a photo of this and I asked her for the permission. It was so lovely and nice of her to allow me some space to take the photo. But with my newbie photographing skill and a simple camera, and not really used to taking such photos in public, I didn't really do a good job. 

But I still can't resist not putting them in the blog and share this with EVERYONE around the World!

This time round I bought the Korean Traditional Rice Cake @ $S3 (small).  I have bought some Traditional Korean Snack before, those in the above for my neighbors before.

What I love about this, is that with such vegetarian friendly eateries around, it really solves my problem of getting delicious, special and  vegetarian food for my non-vegetarian friends who had an impression that Vegetarian food is bland and boring.

I guess, this also help lots of non-vegetarian in getting vegetarian food for friends with (or without) vegetarian diet requirements.  So, it is not so troublesome after all...  

I really appreciate these vegetarian friendly eateries ... they really understand what is customer's satisfaction and go that extra mile. And I just can't help blogging about them even I want to spend less time on blogging. There is another non-vegetarian eatery that I came across today that is equally nice to vegetarian, shall share about it next time ... 

Where: HANKOOK RICE CAKE HOUSE. 10 Sinaran Drive #03-09 Novena Square 2. Singapore 307506. Tel: 6397 6319

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Anonymous said...

Went to visit it today but found that their kimchi contained onions, so their products may not be suitable for Buddhist vegetarians who avoid the 5 pungents (onions, chives, leeks, shallots and garlic).

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