Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tung Lok NianGao from Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Novena Square
Every year, when my neighbour gives us the special handmade love letter and pineapple tarts which they get from Malaysia as a Chinese New Year Gift to me, I will have a headache.

Tunip Nian Gao @ S$20+

What should I buy? What is a nice and special gift which is vegetarian, delicious and yet presentable.  The problem was resolved when I found Tung Lok Nian Gao!

Last year, I got few packs for my neighbour, it was Tunip Nian Gao and I love the attractive packaging very much.  Nian Gao  is a must-have item during Chinese New Year which symbolizes greater prosperity for the New Year.

 I went to check out their Nian Gao and brought one pack today - Tunip Nian Gao @ $$20. I am waiting for the new flavour - Red Bean Nian Gao which is only available from 11 Feb 10. There is another variant - the Traditional Nian Gao, but I would go for something with a little different. 

Oops, more than half of my take away dim sum ended up in someone's tummy!
And we have got some Lingzhi Vegetarian Dim Sum as takeaway, as usual LingZhi Staff would pack it neatly and in a nice container. Even I want to get it for friends or neighbours, it looks presentable if I carry with care. We just love LingZhi Vegetarian Dim Sum ... Before I had a chance to take a photo of it, half of them already end up in our tummies. 

I remember when I brought some of LingZhi's custard roll (dim sum) for another neighbour of mine last year,  she loves it so much and purposely came to ask me where did I get that from? Hence, I went down to get her some more and gave her the info of LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant. 

Where: LingZhi Vegetarian. 238 Thomson Road #03-09/10 Velocity @ Novena Square. Singapore 307683.

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