Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Been a Vegetarian living in Singapore is such a blessing and therefore I am still a HAPPY Vegetarian going into my number 17 years of being a Vegetarian ...

HOORAY!  I want to be a Vegetarian for life and definitely will not feel left out as there are many people going vegetarian in today world and many semi-vegetarian around. And I know I would not be missing any good food too!

There are so many non-vegetarian eateries who really treat Vegetarian Diner very well, not only do they include a Vegetarian Menu with good choices of vegetarian food. But also happily and willingly accept feedback on Vegetarian Food too. I received a letter of appreciation with voucher from Pastamania for providing some constructive feedback to them! 


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Yes, we are very lucky. Western countries are a stark contrast to somewhere like Singapore.

I hardly know of any 100% vegetarian restaurants in my old country. As in Singapore there is one in almost every food court!

All i need is attitudes towards vegetarianism to change in Singapore and i'll be in heaven!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


Haha... In Heaven - Achievable : ) I think, maybe we need is to understand them rather be understood by them.

Or maybe, both sides have an open mind, both side could still have their own opinion but step over to the other side to view from that point.

If both sides' opinions can be merged, it will be harmonized - that is the most beautiful heaven on earth.

Cheers : )

Anonymous said...

so good!! you know, I did the same thing by writing a letter to McDonalds and those assholes did not even bother to reply me!!! ARROGANT BASTARDS!!! Polluting the environment and supporting animal cruelty!! >:(

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