Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Vegetarian Rice Dumpling @ Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling Outlet

Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling Outlet @ J8 Bishan
In the past, Rice Dumplings (Zong Zi )was something special and only available during Dragon Boat Festive.  Today, it is available throughout the year but as a Vegetarian or Vegan does not mean we have to wait till Dragon Boat Festive before we can savour  veg*n dumpling or know exactly which vegetarian eatery sell vegetarian dumpling.

There are vegetarian dumplings at some of the non-veg dumpling stalls like Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling Outlets and even with few varieties available... No one define that vegetarian food is strictly for vegetarian, as longa as it is scrumptious, non-vegetarian will be love them too.  

Vegetarian Dumpling ... 
black eye bean with mushroom dumpling @ S$1.80 ~ S$1.90
peanut with mushroom dumpling @ S$1.30 ~ S$1.50
I like those without mock meat yet healthy and delicious - the peanut with mushroom dumpling and the black eye bean with mushroom dumpling.  There is also a vegetarian nonya dumpling too. The price of these dumplings varies at different locations.
 Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling Outlet @ Takashimaya Food Mall B2
While walking around Takashimaya Food Mall at Orchard, I bought the dumplings. Sometime I would  Keep them frozen for few weeks and just do a 10 minutes steam prior to eating.

Besides Duan Pandan Rice Dumpling, there are few other non-vegetarian rice dumpling stalls selling vegetarian dumpling too. Great to see Singapore Non-Eateries are Vegetarian Friendly ... Do you think being vegetarian, we will miss out - Nope!  :) 

The Just Green Vegetarian Stall @ Takashimaya Food Village ceased operation and there isn't any vegetarian stalls around unless walking to Nutrihub at Cuppage Plaza or LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Liat Towers.  However, if you does not mind non-vegetarian eatery offering a nice good range of vegetarian option, check out Chedele at B2.

Where: Daun Pandan Rice Dumpling Outlets.


rika kim said...

- follow-up to my previous comment - I called 2 outlets of Daun dumpling, and through a roundabout manner, asked if they have shrimps or any meat in their black-eyed bean+mushroom dumpling. Both outlets said no. I am pretty sure I found a tiny shrimp(so tiny and kind of weird in that you cannot see the head)in mine. But after my calls to the outlets, I am getting confused. Will call their HQ tomorrow and send you another comment. By the way, the said dumpling is definitely cooked on the same utensils as the meat varieties, so unlike the other 2 vegetarian varieties, this one is not for strict veggies anyway. Get back to you soon:)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Rika

Thanks :) I see.

Cheers :)

rika kim said...


I called Daun Dumpling's HQ and the person who picked up said that the black-eyed bean + mushroom dumpling is vegetarian except for the fact that it's cooked on the same utensils as meat varieties. This answer was preceded by identical statements from 2 of their outlets. However, I found what is definitely a piece of (pork)meat, albeit small, in my dumpling yesterday. It must be inadvertently dropped in there as there was only one small piece; if you're strict, kindly avoid the black-eyed bean/mushroom one. :)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Rika,

Thanks for leaving the comments, follow-up on it and sharing with all of us.

May you be well and happy.

Have a brilliant week.

Cheers, :)

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