Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant with HALAL certification ... I come for "Green" Shark's Fin ...

 Hotel Royal @ Queens - 12 Queen Street
 Grace Court at 12 Queen Street #02-03

It was known as Grand Court Vegetarian Restaurant (since 1994) and now as Graces Court Vegetarian Restaurant residing at Hotel Royal @ Queens which is very near to Bugis Vegetarian Paradise and City Hall.

It is a Muslim Friendly restaurant which provides another alternative choice for those who want to have Chinese Cuisine with Muslim Friends or Colleagues and also Muslim Tourists (at affordable prices).

Heard of the Green Shark' Fin (Environmental too) in Taste Paradise which is not Shark's Fin but vermicelli.  It strikes a chord - most of us know that Shark’s Fin itself is bland and it needs other ingredients and good tasty broth to enhance its soft gelatinous texture.  

In Vegetarian Cuisine,  Mock Shark's Fin has long been created using different ingredients such as Green Bean Powder, Seaweed  Gelatin and now it evolves into using more nutritious ingredients like Sea Coral etc. It looks just like real Shark's Fin with the same texture but rather expensive.   Shark's Fin Soup is on the menu of almost all Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants and some really serves awesome Mock Shark's Fin Soup.

 Braised Superior Shark's Fin with Bamboo Pitch and Vegetarian Abalone @ 18.0+

However, in Grace Courts, it may not be the best Vegetarian Shark's Fin Soup I had in my life, but there are more choices.  On the menu, Vegetarian Shark's Fin Soup $18+ (for regular serving for 4 pax) to $40+, have 6 variations.     

  Olive Fried Rice @ 7.0+ (small - for 2 pax)

This is a restaurant that I used to go for their terrific price Buffet in the 90s and now  it is priced around $15-$16+. One of these day, shall return to taste their Buffet Lunch with some Dim Sum items in this simple and cosy vibe environment.

Where: Graces Court Vegetarian Restaurant. Hotel Royal @ Queens. 12 Queen Street #02-03. Singapore 188553. Tel: 6238 5085.

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