Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dining at Lao Di Fang again ...

If you are near Dhoby Ghaut MRT and need a nice and reasonable price meal in quiet environment, head for Classic Lao Di Fang.
I always think that this restaurant serves up Taiwan-themed food, maybe because of their frequent appearance in the Charity Fairs back in late 90s selling Bubble Tea in a unique long plastic colorful container.
This used to be my favourite Vegetarian Eatery when they had an outlet in the North.  I often went for the simple and easy-on-the-pocket comfort food like a congee or noodle or snacks or bento sets and enjoy the feel of dinning in a cozy causal restaurant environment.
Lately, revisit them and find that their wide menu selection is still the same and the food tastes almost the same and still delectable. The prices are still reasonable in this era. 
When they were a situated at Chinatown and Queen Hotel, the letdown was poor service. Apparently, the new staff at Park Mall provided much better service - so I am a happy customer again.  They even offer me a glass of plain water when I did not order any drink (FOC) but I just declined it.   
Spicy Noodle @ $5.50+ was what I ordered. It is flavorful with lots of mock meat which I loved (made from mushroom stalks), corn, veggies.  The big pot of noodle like "thick Ramen" but not, is chewy. The broth is spicy and with fresh lettuce added to it. Perfect! It helps to absorb the chilli oil.
It might be an ideal and cozy place for something like gatherings, where you can dine and have long chat without much distraction.
Where: Classic Lao Di Fang Vegetarian Restaurant. 9 Penang Road #B1-12 Park Mall. Singapore Tel:6533 8959. Web:http://www.classicldf.sg/ 


Anonymous said...

Is not at promotional price anymore? is definitely very delicious and unique taste which I can't find even in the one at chinatown hawker. I like many of the dishes but the location is not too convenient for me unlike in the past. hope they shift back to apollo or chinatown hahahaha

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Anonymous,

That was over liao, I think.

But,:D don't worry, if you have the 'For You' Magazine Reader Card, you should be able to enjoy discounts here and some other vegetarian eateries too :D

Cheers :D

Sunny said...

You can apply free 10% discount membership card at http://www.classicldf.sg/member_signup.html.

Whenever I crave for nice spicy noodles, that 's one of my top choices!:-)

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