Friday, April 09, 2010

Tian Yuan Vegetarian and Health Food Paradise @ Fortune Centre (Bugis)

I chanced upon a copy of Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food Paradise leaflet at Pine Tree and do not really bother at all.


Not to mention the fact that you cannot actually see this place - which is hidden behind the shops?

Simply put, it is not uncommon to find vegetarian and organic grocery shops everywhere these days.  I can even find one of such establishment in the wet market near in my neighborhood.  

So, what really distinguish one business from other? Guess, maybe it is the service personnel and the "technical know-how" (the ability to introduce the products in creative ways via new or quick and easy recipes or quick demo etc)

This shop does not have a smart styling. But don't let no-frills decor fool you, it can be a hidden gem! However, I met a very friendly staff in the shop, willingly sharing knowledge on their products and answering all my questions patiently.

Green Papaya Pickles with Passion Fruit Dressing 

One of them was preparing some unique green papaya pickles for their regular customers. Hence, I was being offered to taste some.  Green Papaya Pickle with Passion Fruit Paste, what a healthy, delicious and yet unique pickle!  

Imagine the refreshing, sweet, sour and tangy flavor on the green papaya - simple awesome!  And I bought a tub @ $5 which was very reasonable, as green papaya is only available at wet market and passion fruit paste is expensive. 

The passion fruit paste is also available in the shop, you can use it to make a Passion Juice Drink or Passion Fruit Spritizer (Passion Fruit Paste with soda or sparkling mineral water), or as salad dressing on Beetroot and Turnips Salad/Fruit Maki Roll or as jam for pancake or bread or ...

Green Papaya Pickles with Passion Fruit Dressing @ $5 ...

If you want hassle free and just purchase the Green Papaya Pickles, give them a call to avoid any disappointments.   Besides, they do sell ready-made Sea Coral Jelly (it is good for those who do not cook).  They have cooking workshops too, need to check with them.  

Dried Laver @ $4.5 per pack (150g) ... a crispy tibit ... 

Located in Bugis, this is will be another good place for Vegetarian Tourist to get some vegetarian or organic products.

Where:  Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food Paradise. 190 Middle Road, #02-23. Fortune Centre. Singapore Tel: 97591575/92364985. 
Open Hours: 9.30am-7pm Daily.

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