Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Vietnamese Pho and it is Vegan!

Located at the Suntec City Mall Sky Garden, Loving Hut belongs to the fastest growing international vegan restaurant chain.  I went there to look for Pho as the Loving Hut @ Parklane does not have this Vietnamese noodle soup. 

Yes, modern vegetarians are no longer satisfactory with the traditional vegetarian fair, we are looking for delicious and variety of veganise local and international cuisines.

Au Lac Pho ($4.8)
The Au Lac Pho ($4.8) which I ordered is a Vegetarian and also Vegan version Pho. Fantastic! Maybe, it is good news for those who does not eats beef and yet wants to enjoy Pho.  

It comes with a slice of lime and a little bowl of chilli padi with soy sauce. What you can find in this veganise version Pho is mushroom balls (made from mushroom stalks), few slices of mock fish balls, and some fresh mushrooms (abalone mushroom and white shimeji mushroom).  Love the herb - basil leaves in the soupy flat rice noodle - real fragrant!   

However, if you want another Vietnamese dish - Goi Cuon (fresh salad roll), you need to go to Loving Hut @ Parklane.

Where: Loving Hut. Suntec City Mall. Sky Garden #03-016 @ Tower 2. Singapore 038983. Tel 6238 6755.

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