Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Again @ Happy Realm Vegetarian (Chinatown)

I had my early lunch@ Happy Realm Vegetarian after my blood donation at blood bank yesterday, since this is the closeest vegetarian eateries to Blood Bank.  Yes, I went for my 9th blood donation at Blood Bank [yep, passed haemoglobin check, Thalassemia Minor have a much higher requirement than normal person]. 

I have small vein and the staff nurse was surprised that my blood flow so smooth and fast that within 3 mins 47 secs, they collected 450ml of my blood (weight 45-50kg only 350ml blood will be taken, > 50kg 450ml blood will be taken). The fastest record according to her was a guy with big vein within 3 mins 20 secs.  The friendly staff-nurse really knows how to bring surprises to me.

Could it be the vegetarian diet or could it be I have drink lots of plain water prior to the blood donation that resulted such an uncongested good flow? I don't really know.

Few days back, I just attended an EFT (Emotional Freedom Workshop) conducted by Ms Tan Hwee San (Counsellor and Healer), learning a little about Emotional Acupressure and Energy Psychology. On my way to the blood bank which was about 1 hour train journey and having nothing to do, I started to do some simple tapping near the end points of my energy circuits or meridians. Maybe, that also helps to create that small wonder too.

Back to my lunch! What I ordered was rather simple and dinning alone, my choice is quite limited as dinning alone and half full. This time round, I tried their Claypot Noodle (I opt for Rice Vermicelli) @ $4 with tofu, veggies and mushroom.  Very reasonable pricing!

Overheard a customer's conversation (a little busybody me) that she was suggesting that there should have new dishes added to their menu, which I fully agreed too. While trying this and looking at the picture of the Claypot Noodle, how about a curry version?

Where: Happy Realm Vegetarian Food Centre. 100 Eu Tong Sen Street. #03-16 Pearls Centre. Singapore 059812. Tel: 62226141.

Business Hour: 11am - 8.30pm


Anonymous said...

agreed i m also a regular blood donor. i changed my diet to vegetarian abt a year ago.like wat u mention. yes . usually it take a few minutes to complete the bag of bloods.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


Nice to know there are more vegetarian blood donor. That's great.

Thanks for leaving a comment.

Cheers :)

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