Saturday, October 09, 2010

A New Lunch Experience @ Creative Healthy Lifestyle ...

Stumbled upon the news of Emotional Release Session ~ Healing With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils mini event at Creative Healthy Lifestyle on 9 Oct 10 from 11am-1pm (S$20 inclusive of a healthy vegetarian lunch).  A different kind of dining experience, vibrant food for the body and soul. Out of curiosity, I went.  

Since Creative Healthy Lifestyle has two shop spaces, the mini event was held at #02-04 instead the one near to the escalator #02-17 in Fortune Centre.  It just a small simple eatery with a grocery section too, but the ambience is quiet and homely.  

The session was like a workshop sharing knowledge and we get to try the essential oil which was fun and interesting! 

Lunch was great, we get to choose from the daily menu and I picked Tofu and Mushroom Rice Set with Soup which normally cost S$6 (good value).  The Brown Rice was cooked with some Chinese Olive Vegetables I guess and that makes it tastes special. What I love is the Minced Mushroom on the Tofu, very flavourful and it comes with either stir-fry broccoli with shimeji mushroom or stir-fry bitter gourd or stir-fry pumpkin with bamboo shoot and fungus.  The clear soup was soy bean sprout with cabbage and white fungus. Quite a little surprise to find soy bean sprout as it is not so commonly available in eateries unless as seasoned side dish in Korea Eatery. On the whole,  it was a simple and yet tasty healthy lunch.

Very satisfactory lunch and experience!

Where: Creative Healthy Lifestyle. 190 Middle Road. Fortune Centre #02-17. Singapore 188979. Tel: 63364355.
Business Hour: Mon-Sat (10.30am - 8pm)

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