Monday, July 25, 2011

A simple and cosy café for enjoying tasty vegetarian food mindfully in a relaxing atmosphere

A real surprise to spot this Vegetarian Café while passing by North Bridge Road 2 months ago and out of curiosity I visited it lately on a weekday to have a taste of the food.

Greet by the cheerful and friendly staff, I asked for the seat which gives me a good view and scenery of North Bridge Road.  Seated in this café with a relaxing ambience and soothing music, I was presented with a uniquely designed menu.  The menu consists of local delights, soup, salad, finger food and a good list of beverage.
Olive Fried Rice @ S$7.9

I ordered the Olive Fried Rice @ S$7.9 and Mango Seaweed Roll @ S$6.0.  Was a little surprise that the nicely presented Olive Fried Rice was served with a bowl of tomatoes, potatoes, celery with mock chicken clear soup. Delicious! The fried rice was tasty and flavourful.

Mango Seaweed Roll @ S$6.0

Love the Mango Seaweed Roll with mock prawn and mango combination wrap with seaweed. Crispy, tasty and yet not oily! It pair well with the Enzyme Vinegar Drink.

 Enzyme Vinegar Drink

I think the standard for cooking, service and ambience is good. A simple, nice and cosy café for enjoying tasty vegetarian food mindfully in a relaxing atmosphere. Great to see a new trend of vegetarian dinning sprouting in Singapore.

Could not forget the Pumpkin with Organic Passion Fruit salad and Green Jade Dumpling on their menu, will be back to try that.    

Where: Honzen Café. 470 North Bridge Road, #01-01 North Bridge Commercial Complex Singapore 188735. Tel 6333 0478.

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