Sunday, April 08, 2012

Vegetarian Stalls @ Jurong East St 13

Vegetarian Fish Head Noodle @ $3.5

There are quite a few vegetarian stalls at Jurong East.  Just below the Jurong East MRT, there is a vegetarian stall operation in the food court. Within some walking distant, at the VariNice Coffee shop and the coffee shop next to it, each have a vegetarian stall. Fantastic!

For me, it is just the normal vegetarian stall, nothing really special. But some meat-eaters claims that these vegetarian stalls serve good vegetarian food.  I tried both stalls but still could not figure out which serve the best.  The only thing that captures me is that one of the vegetarian stall sells Vegetarian Rice Dumpling and the way they display it really make me feel like buying.

It is really interesting to hear non-vegetarian telling vegetarian where the best vegetarian food is.  One of our Trainers upon knowing there were 2 vegetarians in the class recommend the best vegetarian stall and the only vegetarian stall that she eats vegetarian food and find it delectable. 

The world has change, instead of me telling other where to find vegetarian food and now I have recommendation from non-vegetarian. Few days back, another vegetarian brought me to the Coffee Shop at Waterloo Street near SWCO, another new place that I didn’t know but she has tried this stall a couple of times. WOW, amazing.

Maybe, it would be fun to find out (customer knowledge), what does non-vegetarians like about vegetarian food and what make them think good vegetarian food should be .... etc.

Back to the Jurong East Vegetarian Stall, what did I order – Vegetarian Fish Head Noodle @ $3.5. I give the vegetable and rice option a miss and food left out without proper cover for too long, doesn't look tempting to me.  They also sell Vegetarian Lasi Lemak which I find rather delicious.

Where: Vegetarian stall @ Varinice. 132 Jurong East Street 13 #01-271 S600132

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