Saturday, May 26, 2012

Again @ Yuang Xiang Vegetarian Food at Choice@121

Our initial plan was to meet at Bamboo House and it was only upon reaching there that we discovered it was closed on Tuesday.  Fortunately, there is another vegetarian eatery around. I was glad that my non-vegetarian friends do not mind eating at the nearby coffee shop and so we ended up ordering from Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food.

I really appreciate it when my friends decide to have vegetarian food even there are other choices around.  Love my wonderful ex-colleagues and it was fate that we got to know each other 12 years ago during my short stay in the company. And love the delicious and value for money vegetarian food serves by Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food.  

Tom Yum Bee Hoon @S$3.5
Vegetarian Seafood Fried Rice @ S3.50
Vegetarian Fish Head Bee Hoon @ S$3.5

 Crispy Salted Chicken @ $7.o

Where: Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food. 121 Hougang Ave 1. S530121. Tel: 8589 0900.

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