Friday, May 04, 2012

Non-vegetarian eateries elevating Veg*n Cuisine to new heights

Located in the heart of Republic Polytechnic Library there is a hidden GEM – The Reel Room, cozy and with good ambience.  I was pleasantly surprised.

What makes me fell in love with this eatery is that they are VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY! Glad to see a special section on their menu – Vegetarian Station, dedicate to veg*n or diner that enjoy Vegetarian Cuisine or Eco Friendly Cuisine.  
Set Meal @ $6.50 (main + beverage) / Vegetarian Pasta @ S$5

Ordered the Set Meal cost $6.50, which pairs a main and a hot/cold beverage. I picked their Vegetarian Pasta that is served with Zucchini and tomatoes and coffee with milk.  The pasta has lovely balance of flavour making it an enjoyable dish. Nice coffee too.
I have a very satisfactory lunch here and found myself wishing there was more vegetarian options on the menu, so that I can come back more often.

Have a wonderful dining experience there. As Republic Polytechnic is an open concept campus, public can patronise the eateries there freely, I think I would come back with my friends.

Where: The Reel Room. 27 Woodlands Ave 9. Republic Polytechnic Library. Singapore 738964.

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