Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time to Eat … Food for Thought

To rejoice, in this little red dot, we have magnificent choices of vegetation food.  Lately, I have been enjoying an overwhelming array of scrumptious vegetarian cuisine in different eateries.  Life’s simple pleasures.
On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we were at the Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant which is situated between the Serangoon MRT and Kovan MRT.  Stepped into the place, it seem like we were teleported into the 70s or 80s or in some of part of Malaysia. It has a quiet and peaceful vibe there.
Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant serves mainly Traditional Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine but we ordered the Western Dishes on their menu.  Hmm…, having western food @ S$6.8+ in a Traditional Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant and drinking Chinese tea.  Cool!

Love the dishes we ordered, simple and yet delicious. *simile*
 Black Pepper Chop Set @ S$6.8+
Chicken Chop Set @ S$6.8+

Looking at the food, I start to ponder, how many countless beings have worked and sweated directly and indirectly in the process to make this possible. I am grateful to all the beings that I have never met in the past and now that contributes to this plate of food.   

All things are interconnected and interdependent, is it possible to survive without the contribution of others, I doubt.  Am I going to take things for granted or sincerely and wholeheartedly share my merits as a form of appreciation?

Where: Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant. 789 & 791 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534659. Tel: 6282 8022.
Business Hour: 10.30am-2.30pm 5.30pm-10m

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