Monday, June 25, 2012

Bishan Vegetarian @ Bishan Bus Interchange Food Court (Level 2)

A long wait for the bus in the morning and surprisingly I still have time to have breakfast. I went to  Bishan Vegetarian stall just above the Bishan Bus Interchange.
Chee Cheong Fun @ S$1.6
Fried Bee Hoon  and Deep Fried Spring Roll @ S$2
The food court has been renovated and it looks more presentable. There is still a vegetarian stall there.  I enjoyed a simple breakfast there.  Ordered the Chee Cheong Fun @ S$1.6 and it tasted good. The fried bee hoon with a deep fried spring roll cost S$2. The fried bee hoon was a little lack of taste as I guess it meant to be pair with curry vegetable or gravy.
Vegetarian Salted Fish Fried Rice @ S$4
Fish Slice Clear Soup @ S$4

For dinner, I ordered their Vegetarian Salted Fish Fried Rice @ S$4 and Fish Slice Clear Soup @ S$4.  They do serve some dim sum and some other local vegetarian favorites

Where:  Bishan Bus Interchange Food Court, Level 2. Singapore 579837. Tel:  90618000

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