Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vegetarian Food @ Rasapura Masters and a brief encounter with 2 strangers looking for vegetarian food …

vegetarian Phö @ S$6.8

Was at RAsapura Masters, the place was buzzing and full of people. Knowing Phö Hòa Noodle Soup served Vegetarian Phö and I didn’t bother to venture around due to the big crowd and just ordered vegetarian Phö @ S$6.8 again. 

It was only after I had my dinner that I chanced upon that the Noo’s Thai Recipe just next to Indian Express not only serves vegetarian dishes but with more options! OMG, they have the dishes that I love and I was telling myself what I have missed! Rasapura Masters could have put such Vegetarian information more prominently! 

Just when I passed by Indian Express, I overheard 2 men asking whether Indian Express served vegetarian food without onion. Disappointed by the reply they got from the stall, they walked away. Maybe Indian Express could have recommended other stalls that serves vegetarian food! 

It is very common for Vegetarian to approach Indian Eateries to enquire whether they have any vegetarian options. If we venture a little more, in fact local or other cuisines can easily whip up some vegetarian options. 

Back to the strangers. Are they local, maybe not. The next thing that I did was, I went up to them and told them about my new discovery – Vegetarian Food at Noo’s Thai Recipe and the Vietnamese Vegetarian option. One of them looked at me and I smiled. I felt the gratitude aura from him and I believe he is the vegetarian looking for vegetarian food. 

What a strange encounter! In this universe, sometime we hold the answer for another being. Events and circumstances just happened to bring the answer to change the situation. Direct and indirect support arrives for the person who holds a pure intention of being a vegetarian. *Simile* 

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