Monday, February 04, 2013

A simple breakfast @ Vegetarian Express Café (Kovan Heartland Mall)

Get to know about this new eatery while having dinner at Bishan Bus Interchange Vegetarian Stall some time ago.   A little note was pasted at the store indicating that there is a new outlet at Kovan Heartland Mall.

There isn’t any decent vegetarian eatery very near Kovan MRT, except for a traditional vegetarian stall at the Kovan Hougang Market & Food Centre that sells very limited varieties and it closed in the afternoon. I guess, although the price of vegetarian food in this new café cost a bit more that then usual hawker’s fair, it could be a piece of good news to vegetarian living around this area.

This new café opened at 10.30am on weekday and 10am on weekend. We were there at around 9.50am and have to loiter around the mall to wait for the opening time. It would be nice, if the serving staff could allow customers to have a seat to wait and at the mean time browse through their menu.
 Rice Flour Rolls (Chee Cheong Fun ) at S$2.40
 Xiang Chuan Fried rice @ S$5.80

I wanted to order the dumping soup @ S$4.80, but it wasn’t ready yet and therefore I ended up having Rice Flour Rolls (Chee Cheong Fun ) at S$2.40 and a plate of Xiang Chuan Fried rice @ S$5.80. Both items were flavourful. What do they have on their menu, check it out at their website :

Where:  Vegetarain Express Café. 205 Hougang Street 21. Heartland Mall #02-04 S530205. Tel: 6383 5672


Anonymous said...

Went there with my parents today, was a bit disappointed because they posted a picture of the fried beancurd skin on their menu and when it came out it was totally different. The noodles my dad ordered were also very bland.

The rice dishes were better though! In my opinion they might want to add perhaps some seasoning or garlic and herbs to their dishes to spice things up.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


Running a successful vegetarian eatery required lots of experiences and passion. Sometime, it is lacking initially and hopefully, things can be fine-tuned as time goes by.

When I first had the vegetarian food at their Bishan branch long ago, it wasn't that satisfactory, but it was a little surprise that their dishes improved later on.

Of course, there are plenty room for improvement to really make vegetarian food real delicious. To achieve that, it required lots of love for vegetarian food, customer-mindset .... Hope that they have that.

Thanks for sharing (:

Cheers, :)

darylchewdc said...

Garlic and onion is not allowed for buddhist vegetarian food

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