Monday, November 25, 2013

A quick dinner at Miao Yi …

It was a Sunday evening, as usual weekend at Miao Yi is always very crowded and reservation is recommended.

We have the intention of going to Miao Yi for dinner after the 1-Day Hundred-Syllable Purification Mantra Chanting nearby. Otherwise, this place is a little out of the way for us to go there.  But we were too lazy to find out their number to make a reservation.

So we went there, if we were lucky to get a seat we would dine there or else we could always travel to town for our vegetarian dinner.  So it was never an issue looking for vegetarian food, just go with the flow.

They managed to slot us in as the table we were going to be seated have a reservation at 7pm.  Knowing this, we made a swift order and enjoyed our dinner.

Creamy Shark’s Fin Soup @$1

Picking from their speciality list at a glance, it definitely helped us to make our order fast.  We ordered the Creamy Shark’s Fin Soup @$12 and the Crispy Bird Nest with Mushroom @ S$12. Aware of the time constraint, we didn't order much food.

Crispy Bird Nest with Mushroom @ S$12

Both were delicious and well presented.  The Shark’s Fin Soup was creamy in such a way that you would not feel you are feeding on starchy soup but it was a little sweet.

The name – Crispy Bird Nest caught my attention, based on the menu, it was just a name and does not reveal much of the dish and we didn't really check with the waitress. I thought it was the yam ring with some mushroom but that was another dish. On the whole, it was presentable and delicious.

Because most of their dishes are well presented and I was attracted to the dishes been served to other diner.  If I ever passed by there again, I have in mind what I will order - the yam ring dish! But if I remember ... 
Where: 587 Bukit Timah Road Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01/02. Singapore 269707. Tel: 64671331.

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