Saturday, January 25, 2014

Experiencing Fine Dining @ Honzen

Situated in Little India at Sam Leong Street is Honzen.  This vegetarian restaurant was at Bugis area but have moved to Little India. I have been to this restaurant when they were  operating at Bugis and when I wanted to visit them again last year, they were no longer there.

Due to my busy schedule, I didn’t really catch up on what’s new in the vegetarian food scene in Singapore.  It seems that there are lots of happenings.

If it wasn’t someone who told me about this eatery last December, I would have thought this restaurant no longer exist.  Being invited to a dinner at this place by someone, I brought with me the old expectation which I have when I last visited them.

Surprise!  When I stepped into this place, the renovation catch my attention  - it projected a calm and peaceful vibe.  The next surprise was to discover that they moved into a new dinning concept – Vegetarian Fine Dining and on the 2nd level is their tea house.  Indeed,  this is contributing to a more vibrant  vegetarian food scene here. Kudos.

Vegetarians now here have more choices. I believe it would provide another food venue for  non-vegetarian to sample different type of vegetarian food. 


Here, diner get to choose from few set menu  and it will be changed often for the surprise element. The food is delicious and kid menu (Burger with salad and fried, Mushroom Soup) at $10 is available.

As it is of fine-dining concept, so for big eaters, you may need to order some side orders.  However, a pleasant place to charm your beloved this Valentine’s day.

Where: Hozen. 41 Sam Leong Road. Singapore 207931. Tel: 6333 0478.
Business Hour 1100 to 2130 (Closed on Mondays)


Elaine Lee said...

used to be my favourite veggie restaurant when they were in bugis!
love your blog!

sharing my top pick here

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Elaine

Your blog is great :)
Thanks so much for sharing.


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