Saturday, February 08, 2014

Vegetarian Stall @ remote part of Singapore ...

29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. At NorthTech.  One and only one Food court – Wang’s Kitchen, it was a great discovery to find a vegetarian stall – Harvest Vegetarian!  

  Vegetarian Hor Fun @ S$3
Vegetarian Tom Yam @ S$3

It serves rice dishes and noodles (soupy and zi char) at a reasonable price and the vegetarian food is of reasonable quality. If you don't like spicy Tom Yam noodle, they are able to serve with clear soup. 

The Tom Yam soup has a little taste of Assam which should go well with Bee Hoon.  I have made a mistake in ordering yellow noodle! 

Yet to find a good authentic Tom Yam in vegetarian version, as most vegetarian stalls are just adding Vegetarian Tom Yam paste to clear soup broth rather than using lemon grass and blue ginger soup broth and adding fresh lime juice and lime leaves add. Maybe, I have but have forgotten where.  

Anyway, located in such a remote area and it is a blessing that there is still a vegetarian stall around, understanding it is never an easy task to operate vegetarian stall especially in industrial area with limited vegetarian population. 

Where: Harvest Vegetarian @ Wang’s Kitchen.  29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. Singapore 

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