Saturday, February 08, 2014

Vegetarian Bento Lunch Set by Harvest ...

Lunch is provided, this is great! Lunch at the cosy In-house Café where different Asian, Western and Local menu are served.  

For Muslim and Vegetarian, it will be Bento Set due to our special diet requirement.

It is great to see caterers provide vegetarian option too and some are developing innovative good vegetarian food despite the challenging elements. I appreciate these wonderful caterers!

Our daily Bento Set Lunch is by Harvest.  The rice is of very generous portion and impossible to finish them all.  In the end, it is wasted unless you want to pack them and remember to bring back. It does not come with vegetarian curry sauce where you can flavour this huge portion of rice to help you consume.

As for the dishes, I prefer more vegetable and natural ingredients such as Tofu, Potatoes, Mushroom then mock meat. However, these bento set favour lot of mock meat and repeating using the same type of mock meat very often.  Maybe because of the cost or economical of scale.

It can become quite scary eating almost the same type of mock meat on a daily basis.  I guess the lack of feedback or the time for researching on which mock meat is of more preference, it definitely have affected the dishes offered and our appetite.   

Without taking note that the mock meat by itself have some degree of seasoning, these dishes are a tad too salty for health and my liking as well.

After struggling with these bento set, I decided to give up my daily free lunch and roaming far for my vegetarian lunch even it costs more! [smile]

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