Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Eat Green Days @ Thunder Tree … [RELOCATED to People's Park Centre Food Court]

I was thrilled by Thunder Tree operating at NorthTech! I head to this newly open stall which serves fresh and delicious organic food often now.
Simply love Hakka Lei Cha! Oishi!  One bowl is never enough, I would ordered 2 bowls with the extra bowl @ $1.  No one serves  the Hakka Lei Cha Rice Set priced ($5.5) quite like Thunder Tree,  the speciality is in the rice itself,  a different texture, fragrance and flavorful.
The Lei Cha Noodle ($4) is another item which I think the health-conscious diner would love.  As a chilli lover, I think this noodle dish would go best with red/green padi with soy sauce!
The Yam Porridge ($2.5) is a light yet comforting meal - simple and tasty. I tasted yam in it.   Maybe, they could introduce the option to choose a bigger bowl that priced differently or pairs with mini side dishes(Lei Chai Rice Vegetables).  While savouring the porridge,  my creative mind got turned on, what if they can serves Lei Cha Porridge, for something different?
Besides, these few items which I tried and satisfied with, there are Tofu Salad, Organic Salad, Fried Rice etc which I definitely will come for again. 
Where: Thunder Tree. NorthTech. 29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. Singapore 757716. (Mon-Fri: 8am-14.30pm, Sat:8am - 13pm, Sun: Closed)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/1813720368914259/local_search?surface=tyah

Relocated to:
*地址 Address*:
101 Upper Cross St, People's Park Centre Food Court B1-06 stall 8 S(058357)
*电话 Tel*: 9839 6008

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