Saturday, September 17, 2016

Slurping the fresh, lively food – Yasai Ramen @ Heathrow Airport T5

@ Heathrow Airport and was craving for piping hot noodle or rice and it needs to be vegetarian or vegan!  

Glad to find wagamama which serves fresh and exciting food!  After checking with the staff whether there are any dishes suitable for vegetarian, I decided to enjoy my dinner there.

Simply like good atmosphere restaurants that are vegetarian/vegan friendly and if there is a good permanent vegetarian option menu, that will be fantastic!  I love exciting Asian Vegetarian Food.

Dinning along the communal tables and while waiting for my food to arrive, I was captivated by the mini signage on the table.  Slurping the fresh, lively food - Yasai Ramen, wonderful.


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