Saturday, April 01, 2017

Ippudo @ Food Garden

The vegetarian gourmet scene is seeing new freshness.

Nowadays, the vegetarian population is increasing and also many meat eater would enjoy a vegetarian cuisine for a change. Love to see eateries are more vegetarian friendly now which make dinning with meat-eaters or vegetarian friends/colleagues with a much wider choice.  

I chanced upon Ippudo Express offering a vegetarian option on their menu, it was a surprise.  So far, I haven’t really come across vegetarian eateries that serves good ramen yet. So, I ordered a bowl of Veggie Consomme @ S$11.  

Tasty and flavourful Ramen!  I would think if this Ramen has some crispy seaweed added to it would be even better. I will ask for softer ramen when I ordered next time. And it would be great if there are more vegetarian option here.  


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