Saturday, May 20, 2017

Reindeer Soba (Veg)!

Take away:  Reindeer!

Vegetarian food can be simple, healthy and delicious.  Another vegetarian friendly eatery at Food Garden located at Asia Square Tower 1 - Wheat Baumkuchen!  Lovely to see their creativity also in the area of whipping up delicious vegetarian food.

This soba has an interesting name – Reindeer! Combination of Edamame, Shimeji Mushroom, Carrot, Wakame and quite delicious. I wonder how it would be like if in hot soupy broth.  

This soba inspired me and my mind started forming different kind of combination …

Where: Wheat. Asia Square Tower 1 Food Garden, 8 Marina View, #02-02, S018960

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