Saturday, May 13, 2017

Searching for eateries that serve Vegetarian option …

Was at Food Garden at Asia Square and searching for vegetarian option for lunch. 

Glad to find another vegetarian friendly eatery, 180º Rotisserie. They serve Cold Spicy Ma La (Veg) @ $7.9. It was a rainy day, I prefer to have hot food. When I requested for a hot version of this Cold Spicy Ma La, they made hot for me. Appreciate it and love eateries that are truly vegetarian friendly.

Delicious food entice just anyone and vegetarian cuisine can be easily attainable in this sense. For this dish, Cold Spicy Ma La is just Angel Hair with Mushroom and Ma La Sauce – simple! 

Where: 180º Rotisserie. Asia Square Tower 2 12 Marina View #02-02 S018961.

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