Thursday, August 03, 2017

Town eats - Contemporary Feasting at Lotus Kitchen in Chinatown

One of the pleasures of travelling is discovering new tastes and foods. Singapore’s food scene is vibrant, fresh and inspiring.  If you’re a tourist in Singapore Chinatown, having some time and wanting to feast on something different-taste the contemporary vegetarian cuisine in Lotus Kitchen.

This restaurant is easily accessible at an iconic shopping center, located just beside Chinatown MRT Station and at the junction of the main roads (New Bridge Road & Upper Cross Street) in Chinatown. A perfect place to rest your feet, fill the stomach and do some people watching (there are windows overlooking the street)! 

Verdict: Lotus Kitchen is a pocket friendly and value-for-money restaurant offering healthier dining with an exciting array of contemporary vegetarian cuisine. Must try dishes are Dim Sum, Signature Stir Fried Laksa, Braised Mushroom in Hot Stone Pot, Soup, Lotus Yam Paste with Purple Rice.

Where: Lotus Kitchen @ Chinatown Point. 133 New Bridge Road #01-01/02 Chinatown Point. S059413. T: 6538 1068

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