Friday, August 25, 2017

Vegetarian Rojak @ a Non-vegetarian Hawker Stall

It’s a pleasure to see more and more non-vegetarian eateries getting vegetarian friendly. I appreciate such kind and loving gesture. Some of the non-vegetarian eateries are creating real delectable vegetarian food and able to bring out the beauty of vegetarian cuisine better than vegetarian eateries, make me in awe.  Kudos.

Vegetarian Rojak is a very simple dish, with a good sauce and adding special ingredients like ginger touch bud, it is fairly simple to whip up.   I had this vegetarian rojak ($4.5) at a non-vegetarian stall but too salty and the rojak sauce isn’t that great.  If only the stall can use the vegetarian rojak sauce which can be found at most of the vegetarian shops. 

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