Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lunch is ready - Nasi Lemak

Need to cook lunch fast, so we can be at the Zen Centre for group meditation. Happened to have these ingredients in my kitchen, so menu for lunch is Vegetarian Nasi Lemak!

Anyone can whip up this dish pretty fast at home, if you know how to cook rice, cut a cucumber, pan-fry slices of vegetarian honey goose. The peanut, vegetarian ikan bilis (aka crispy slice) and vegetarian chilli sauce are all available from most of the vegetarian grocery shops. To cook the nasi lemak rice, replace a portion of water with coconut milk, add pandan leaf and some seasoning/salt.  It’s that simple.

I feel that this vegetarian honey goose taste much better than vegetarian ham or luncheon meat, would be more suitable for this dish.  Then, assembling them on a serving tray! Lunch is ready! 

See, having a vegetarian menu in non-vegetarian eateries isn't that difficult actually!

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