Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Mistake is perfectly OK!

Today, I’ve a new discovery – mistakes can be foundation for new creation and take us in unexpected new direction. Accidentally added too much water to cook rice and it’s really soft.  A mistake but I fret not. 

Looking at it, I suddenly feel like putting a scope of rice on the algae seasoned laver. When I put in my mouth, oh it’s delicious.  Then, I tried adding wasabi and sprinkle some sesame seeds – a simple sushi rice wrap that look beautiful too. 

A discovery - without the usual ingredients like vinegar, salt, sugar or seasoning required for the sushi rice and assembled it using a mat, yet it’s still yummy.  With such simplicity and time saving method, even a no-cook or newbie can do it. Enjoying simple thing in life. 

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