Thursday, September 07, 2017

Vegetable Cuisine or Korean Temple Food Recipe

Quiet down and looking at the dance of life, it contains ageing or suffering as well as joy and love. While cultivating the perception of beauty, there’re so much to be discovered in this beautiful and wonderful world.

Cooking is not something to be rush, cook and play with a clear and calm mind.  In that space, enjoy it and discover the haven on earth. Cooking can be a form of art, meditation or relaxation. So turn on some soothing music or just in silence, go cooking, do it slowly and mindfully. Have fun with it.  

By chance, I discovered some recipes at Korean Temple Food for Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter. If you love simple vegetable cuisine, the minimalist yet artistic presentation of temple food in this site, try it out, modify it and just do it without any expectations.

What will you discover? Who knows! Maybe a truckload of treasures … [smile]  Enjoy!

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