Thursday, September 07, 2017

Zentangle Style Vegetable Congee

I created this vegetable congee unknowing by applying the Zentangle approach (no preconceived idea of the final outcome). It just developed spontaneously with what I’ve at that moment.

One thing at a time. I started mashing some very soft cooked rice. Add water (no measurement needed) and on the fire.  By feel I threw in some Shimeji mushroom. Next a slice of ginger and bring to a boil. 

When it’s boiling and bubbling, simply beautiful.  I sliced some carrot and put in.  It just developed by itself by going with the flow, so a section of the corn on cob went in too. Finally, season with salt.

Simply enjoy this simple creative process of cooking and styling it with seaweed bits, sesame oil and spring onion.

The end result - a mini surprise – a delicious bowl of vegetable congee. The corn and carrot simply beautiful and taste different as it wasn’t overcooked. Creation not restricted by expectations. 

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