Thursday, October 26, 2017

A new genre of modern, causal, wholesome Vegetarian Cuisine at Greendot ...

Life is great, isn’t it? Doing things that we love:  tasting the creatively crafted brand-new dishes at Greendot (exclusively at Vivocity and Paya Lebar). Great to know that Greendot focuses on using wholesome ingredients to offer a nutritious vibrant home-cooked dishes that ANYONE can go for good hearty meal.
Sweet & Sour Crispy Nuggets ($7.9)
Herbal Lion’s Mane Mushroom ($7.9)
A well-loved popular classic is the Sweet & Sour Crispy Nuggets ($7.9). It’s hard not to love this. If it is the Lion’s Mane Mushroom that you are after, don’t miss the Herbal Lion’s Mane Mushroom ($7.9), which pairs well with fragrant sesame rice (tasted like chicken rice) or brown rice.  

 Golden Mango Yogurt Konnyaku ($7.9)
Another new addition to the menu is the Golden Mango Yogurt Konnyaku ($7.9). It is coated with batter and deep fried - it goes well eaten alone or with the tasty tangy mango-yogurt sauce.

All these dishes are affordable. The menu comprises of dishes intended to be shared among friends. The small serving is perfect for single diners or for sharing (2-3 pax) which allow the sampling of more dishes. If you like a particular dish, just get another plate.

For drink, try this - I call it the “one glass is never enough” addictive Osthmanthus Jelly with wolfberries drink. 

Are you hungry already? Head over to Greendot then!

Where: Greendot (Vivocity Outlet) 1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivo City #02-150 T: +65 6873 2301

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