Friday, November 03, 2017

Mummy Yummy @ Shenton House with a beautiful cause ...

In this world, there are many amazing vegetarian restaurateurs and owners who operate vegetarian eateries not for profit but for the continuality of this beautiful cuisine and for a good cause. I salute them for their hard work, dedication and the losses they bear in such ventures.

I chanced upon Mummy Yummy in April 2017, hidden in Shenton House level 2 with other eateries where the nearby office workers go for cheap lunch options.  Just like other eateries here, Mummy Yummy doesn’t have fancy décor nor special menus. It serves basic traditional Vegetarian Bee Hoon, Olive Fried Rice, Chicken Rice and Curry Rice, selling at a very cheap price.  

Today, I’ve had my breakfast - Vegetarian Bee Hoon with Curry Potato @ $1.5 and for lunch - Curry Rice with more Curry @ $1.5.  
Also, they cook and deliver free vegetarian food to the needy in Singapore. For S$1, you can sponsor a free meal for the needy and help out in this wonderful cause.  I put some cash into their donation box for this beautiful cause.

Where: Mummy Yummy @ Shenton House. 3 Shenton Way, S068805 T: 6222 9244.  Opening Hour: Mon-Fr 8am-2pm

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