Saturday, December 02, 2017

Feeding everyone different food desire @ Blue Lotus ....

Sundown. It’s dinner time! Let’s head to Sentosa Cove, Blue Lotus can feed everyone different food desire – The Herbivore, The Carnivore and The Carnivore that say No to Seafood!

To some restaurants with creativity and flexibility, no sweat! It’s easy to convert some of the dishes on the menu to a vegetarian cuisine or vegetable forward cuisine.

We’ve ordered some vegetarian dishes for Vegetarian and to share among the team. It is a beautiful act, a concerted effort creating an Inclusive culture and climate which values diversity in different forms. Lovely!
Human nature, I often have high expectation of the high end and good restaurants to at least have few great vegetarian dishes on their menu. The spicy tofu is delectable and fried rice tastes good. The greens and claypot tofu I would think could be made more interesting.

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