Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Taste of Singapore Indian Vegetarian Heritage Food at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

Surprisingly to find Ananda Bhavan at Changi Airport Terminal 2 and operating 24 hours! It is another branch of Singapore's oldest Indian Vegetarian Restaurant (86 years old) where tourist or locals can have a taste of Singapore Indian Vegetarian Heritage Food in a natural, spacious, cozy and hip ambience.

This restaurant operates on a partial self-service system where you have to order at the counter and the extensive menu is displayed on the screens behind the counter. So, for diners who are not Indian or familiar with Indian cuisine, it will be a hard time figuring out what the item are, look like and what to order? What are the signature dishes or which would be a good dish for a Taiwan Vegetarian Tourist? You guess!

I do not enjoy this ordering process as I was standing in front of the counter and could not decide on what to order and worrying I was taking up too much time.  So, I end up ordering Mee Goreng @ $5++.  Next, make the payment, receipt and Order Key (what is it for?) will be given.

Order Key Unit at the corner of the table ...

Now, look for a comfortable location (Cozy Drink Section or alfresco style or ...)  in the restaurant that you prefer .  Place the order key at the side of the Order Key Unit which is fixed on each table. So, the staff know where to delivery your food. Need help or service at any point in time, just press the service button on the unit, I guess. Quite fun and interesting!
Mee Goreng @ $5++

Back the Mee Goreng that I ordered. It has many different version which could be one of the must-tries for Tourist. I was looking for Indian style Mee Goreng (without egg version), fried with tomatoes, shredded cabbage, slices of green chilli, green peas and seasoned chilli and tomato paste.  Ananda Bhavan's Mee Goreng is more toward Malay Style as I was told by the staff at the counter, it is tasty and the portion is generous and was served with pickled green chilli.  It also contains onion, do inform them your dietary requirement, if you do not consume onion.

 Look up from Terminal 2 Departure Hall (Public Area, Level 2, Row 11/2), that is the location of Ananda Bhavan ...

I really enjoy the spacious, quiet and peaceful, restful vibe or aura in this restaurant. Its' location on Terminal 2 Departure Hall (Public Area, Level 3) offers great bird eye views of the buzzing Terminal 2 Departure Hall (Public Area, Level 2, Row 11 and 12).

It would be a perfect place for good lunch or a relaxing afternoon tea and meeting with family/friends or dining alone.

It is definitely a dining place for Vegetarians/vegans tourists who are looking for a vegetarian/vegan meal in a purely vegetarian eatery in Singapore Changi Airport. The location can be easily accessible between the Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Budget Terminal, just check out the fastest and shortest path to get there.

Cozy Corner behind this panel ... you will like it !

Where: ANANDA BHAVAN RESTAURANT (CHANGI T2). 60 Airport Boulevard Changi Airport (Terminal 2)
Singapore 819643. Tel:  62979522 


Hungry Ang Mo said...

Glad you liked it there Crystal!

It opened at the beginning of the year, really handy for me as a travel a lot.

The rava masala dosai is particularly good from here, as well as the tandoori platter, i recommend you try those next time! Not tried the mee goreng yet from there, but it's not the sort of thing i'd order, haha.

The other outlets of Ananda Bhavan are different, they're not as luxurious as this one, and are cheap. More the typical fast food South Indian type eatery.

Good post!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Luke

Thank you.

I have been to their other outlets in Little India.

Yes, I still prefer the vibe in Changi Terminal T2 for the spaciousness, relaxing and quiet vibe (no rush and not very crowded)even the price is higher compare to $4.50 for Veg. Indian Rice Set at the T3 Food court - Non-veg Indian Stall.

Mee Goreng (just like Roti John, Murtabak, Otak-Otak etc), is another item under Singapore Makan - Must Try list.

Ananda Bhavan is smart to include some of the Singapore Local Favorite on the menu, great for tourist who miss it in town can have another chance to taste it here before flying off.

Cheers :)

Magdelene said...

oh, i must try this when i next visit Changi Airport! thanks for blogging about it!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Magdelene

You are welcome :) Thanks for the comments.

Cheers :)

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