Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lunar New Year Vegan Cookies from YES Natural!

 Yummy Vegan Cookies ... 
 Pineapple Tart !
 Almond Cookies
Walnut 'n' Chocolate Cookies

Few days ago, a non-vegetarian friend asked me where to get yummy bak kwa and vegetarian cookies for her vegetarian friend. She does not know where to find. She does enjoy vegetarian food even she loves meat too. Sometime, she would even suggest all to go for vegetarian meal. Surprisingly!  Just because of one non-vegetarian start to buy Vegetarian food, it creates a trend that the rest also want to eat vegetarian food for lunch.

Is it co-incident, I received a sms from a non-vegetarian, saying that she bought some veg*n cookies for me.  she was so excited when  she stumbled upon these Vegan Cookies by Yes Natural while shopping for new year stuff and without any hesitation bought 3 can of vegan cookies.

Life is just beautiful living in a vegetarian friendly world. Lately, have been talking to some non-vegetarian, they do have good impression of vegetarian food and even share with me which place they goes for good vegetarian food. But I still think that they yet to discover the most scrumptious and delicious veg*n food.

As a vegetarian, I wish I can be the indirect positive influence and spreading happy vegetarian vibe to wherever I go.  It depends on the situation, sometime no word utter is better than anything – Don’t use word, use your actions.  

Where: Yes Natural F&B Tel: 6547 8438

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