Monday, December 14, 2009

PastaMania @ Causeway Point

Al Funghi @ S$7.90
Arrabiata @ S$5.20
The dilemma! Where does a vegetarian who is meeting up or lunching with non-vegetarian friends or colleagues go to?

I have really wonderful friends and colleagues who do not mind going to a Vegetarian Eatery due to my vegetarian diet requirement. This is what I am very grateful for.  Sometimes, we do face a problem where there is no vegetarian eatery around and we do not want to travel all the way to the vegetarian eateries in town.

Under this type of circumstances, we would pick those non-vegetarian eateries which are Vegetarian Friendly and have a good Vegetarian Menu Option.

Yes, the good news is that in Singapore, this is a vegetarian heaven and more and more eateries are getting vegetarian friendly.  With the urge of Dr Pachauri (Chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), eat less meat for the green cause, I believe more people will take into consideration of eating more green for a healthy body and the healthy planet.  Soon, eateries will go green and include creative vegetarian or vegan menu with more varieties.
@ Causeway Point, there are few vegetarian friendly eateries - Pasta Mania, Pizza Hut and Sakae Sushi!  We decide to dine in Pasta Mania. We were served by a friendly and cheerful young lady. I was surprised that she had a good knowledge of what vegetarian food is all about. When I asked her whether the new dish - Mushroom Baked Rice is vegetarian, she replied that the cheese isn't (if rennet is used, that the cheese isn't suitable for vegetarian).  This really brightened up my day to know that non-vegetarian eateries are getting more knowledgeable about Vegetarian Diet and are honest in dealing with customers.

We then opted for pasta in vegetarian category.  My non-vegetarian ex-colleague who brought me lunch even picked a vegetarian dish on their vegetarian menu!

Where:  PastaMania @ Causeway Point. Basement 1.


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Sounds great! Yeah, this climate change conference has come as a huge relief, now the ecological impact of carnivorous diets are finally being shown on a global level! About time!

I love pasta, still not really found the perfect pasta in Singapore (then again i am comparing to Western standards). But there are some respectable versions around!

Keep up the good work!


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

The Copenhagen or Hopenhagen thingy is point out the truth and the fact that meat (production) cycle is extremely intensive in emitting greenhouse gases.

And the current rate of meat consumption in the world, it is hurting the human health, society and economy too.

The advice given is to eat LESS meat, shun red meat if possible.

So, the sensible thing for any Eateries to do, is not to waste energy on 'arguing' on these but open up the new opportunities - have an extensive and creative and delectable GREEN Menu which can attract vegetarian, semi-vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.

Post in your food blog, when you find a good pasta.

Cheers : )

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