Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Adios … [Smile.]

On leave.  I knew I was going to this eatery for my lunch.  When I was there, I realized my camera was not in my blue tote bag. No photo no review, sigh!

At that instant, a thought came to my mind, it is time to stop. Searching and reviewing vegetarian food since 2008, it is not a short period of time. Should I still continue with this … going round and round, seem like in a deadlock and no progress … 

All things will come to an end, coming and going …, impermanence and unpredictable. Illusion …

After that meal, with a smile and happy with my decision. Time to let go.

I appreciate the all the wonderful visitors to this little blog.  May all of you be always happy and well.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wonderful Vegetarian Food @ Greenland Vegetarian ...

A wonderful gathering at Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant few days back! It was initiated by an ex-colleague and this place was recommended by another non-vegetarian colleague. Together with 2 Muslim friends, we really enjoyed our dinner and meet-up there.

Vegetarian Satay

We have Shark’s Fin Soup, Sweet and Sour Fish, Satay, Curry Mutton, Cereal Prawn, Olive Fried Rice and Noodle, if my memory didn’t fail me. It was great that all the dishes we ordered came fast and was very delicious. The standard of the dishes was there! Thank you.

Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Fish - (boneless, no worries about bone. [smiled] )

 It was a surprise to our non-vegetarian friends and a great night.

The vegetarian satay peanut sauce and the special ingredient (maybe ginger touch) in the Cereal Prawn make the dishes special and delectable.  Love it.

Where: Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant. 789 & 791 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534659. Tel: 6282 8022. Business Hour: 10.30am-2.30pm 5.30pm-10m

Website: http://www.greenlandvegrestan.com/index.php

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Vegetarian Bento Lunch Set by Harvest ...

Lunch is provided, this is great! Lunch at the cosy In-house Café where different Asian, Western and Local menu are served.  

For Muslim and Vegetarian, it will be Bento Set due to our special diet requirement.

It is great to see caterers provide vegetarian option too and some are developing innovative good vegetarian food despite the challenging elements. I appreciate these wonderful caterers!

Our daily Bento Set Lunch is by Harvest.  The rice is of very generous portion and impossible to finish them all.  In the end, it is wasted unless you want to pack them and remember to bring back. It does not come with vegetarian curry sauce where you can flavour this huge portion of rice to help you consume.

As for the dishes, I prefer more vegetable and natural ingredients such as Tofu, Potatoes, Mushroom then mock meat. However, these bento set favour lot of mock meat and repeating using the same type of mock meat very often.  Maybe because of the cost or economical of scale.

It can become quite scary eating almost the same type of mock meat on a daily basis.  I guess the lack of feedback or the time for researching on which mock meat is of more preference, it definitely have affected the dishes offered and our appetite.   

Without taking note that the mock meat by itself have some degree of seasoning, these dishes are a tad too salty for health and my liking as well.

After struggling with these bento set, I decided to give up my daily free lunch and roaming far for my vegetarian lunch even it costs more! [smile]

COOL! Vegetarian-Friendly Products!

It is such a beautiful and wonderful world that I am living on. There are many wonderful places on earth and wonderful things happening too. Great vegetarian food too.

It is simply great to find so many vegetarian-friendly products in the markets now!  Love it!

I got these product during the CNY Shopping at Food Factories and Supermarkets and there product are from non-vegetarian company! 

Ah Cha (Vegetarian) @ $2.90 @ Admiralty West 
Vegetarian Yakishob & Stired Fried Holy Rice with Basil

Keep some at home and in office! : )

Vegetarian Stall @ remote part of Singapore ...

29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. At NorthTech.  One and only one Food court – Wang’s Kitchen, it was a great discovery to find a vegetarian stall – Harvest Vegetarian!  

  Vegetarian Hor Fun @ S$3
Vegetarian Tom Yam @ S$3

It serves rice dishes and noodles (soupy and zi char) at a reasonable price and the vegetarian food is of reasonable quality. If you don't like spicy Tom Yam noodle, they are able to serve with clear soup. 

The Tom Yam soup has a little taste of Assam which should go well with Bee Hoon.  I have made a mistake in ordering yellow noodle! 

Yet to find a good authentic Tom Yam in vegetarian version, as most vegetarian stalls are just adding Vegetarian Tom Yam paste to clear soup broth rather than using lemon grass and blue ginger soup broth and adding fresh lime juice and lime leaves add. Maybe, I have but have forgotten where.  

Anyway, located in such a remote area and it is a blessing that there is still a vegetarian stall around, understanding it is never an easy task to operate vegetarian stall especially in industrial area with limited vegetarian population. 

Where: Harvest Vegetarian @ Wang’s Kitchen.  29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. Singapore 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Vegetarian Treasure Bowl “Pen Cai” @ Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s the time of the year again, where restaurants are serving CNY Cuisine - Treasure Bowl (Pen Cai).  Quite a number of vegetarian restaurants are also serving vegetarian version Treasure Bowl and this is great.

It is an impromptu decision that we decided to go to Lingzhi and have lunch and ordered the Pen Cai @ S$168++. Delicious!

Where: Lingzhi Vegetarian. 238 Thomson Road #03-09/10 Velocity @ Novena Square. Singapore 307683. Tel: 6538 2992.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gosh! It is UNCLE Rojak!

Many years back, Uncle Rojak was selling special vegetarian rojak at Bugis – Fortune Centre.  We quite like the rojak.  After which, it moved and I can’t be bother to check out where it was moved to.

Few months back, I chanced upon Uncle Rojak at Hougang! A pleasant surprise! To find it, will be a little tough as it is quite a distant away from Hougang MRT station or Bus Station. The stall is in a coffee shop (around Block 804 or 805) near the location where the former Hougang mall was.

vegetarian rojak @ $3

If I passed by this place and wanted to change for dinner, I will ordered the vegetarian rojak @ $3. Prefer to eat on the spot rather than having take-away. The taste is still very good and price is reasonable. I do like their popiah too. 

It is such so wonderful to see vegetarian stalls serving delicious food still around. A blessing! [Smiled]

Where:  Vegetarian Uncle Rojak. Blk 805 Hougang Central #01-116. 

Experiencing Fine Dining @ Honzen

Situated in Little India at Sam Leong Street is Honzen.  This vegetarian restaurant was at Bugis area but have moved to Little India. I have been to this restaurant when they were  operating at Bugis and when I wanted to visit them again last year, they were no longer there.

Due to my busy schedule, I didn’t really catch up on what’s new in the vegetarian food scene in Singapore.  It seems that there are lots of happenings.

If it wasn’t someone who told me about this eatery last December, I would have thought this restaurant no longer exist.  Being invited to a dinner at this place by someone, I brought with me the old expectation which I have when I last visited them.

Surprise!  When I stepped into this place, the renovation catch my attention  - it projected a calm and peaceful vibe.  The next surprise was to discover that they moved into a new dinning concept – Vegetarian Fine Dining and on the 2nd level is their tea house.  Indeed,  this is contributing to a more vibrant  vegetarian food scene here. Kudos.

Vegetarians now here have more choices. I believe it would provide another food venue for  non-vegetarian to sample different type of vegetarian food. 


Here, diner get to choose from few set menu  and it will be changed often for the surprise element. The food is delicious and kid menu (Burger with salad and fried, Mushroom Soup) at $10 is available.

As it is of fine-dining concept, so for big eaters, you may need to order some side orders.  However, a pleasant place to charm your beloved this Valentine’s day.

Where: Hozen. 41 Sam Leong Road. Singapore 207931. Tel: 6333 0478.
Business Hour 1100 to 2130 (Closed on Mondays)
Webesite: www.honzencafe.com.sg

Friday, January 03, 2014

Tian En Vegetarian

Tian En Vegetarian is located in Aljunied Station Coffee Shop which is just beside Aljunied MRT Station.  If I am around there in the morning and need breakfast, I stop by to have a simple plate of noodle at this eatery as it is very convenient.

What I like about this eatery is that they served Lotus Peanut Soup. They serves normal rice and dishes and plain porridge. 

Where: Tian En Vegetarian. 88 Lorong 25-A Geylang. 

Delicious Fried Shanghai La Mian @ Ci Hang

It was New Year day and the vegetarian eateries were full. It was quite full at Ci Hang too but we managed to order some food and have a quick bite before rushing off.

Vegetarian Steak @ S$9

Salad @ S$5.5

Fried Shanghai La Mian @ S$4.5

The dishes were delicious especially the Fried Shanghai La Mian which was well cooked with the taste of " wok hei" and the fresh peas shoot pair well with the noodle and add freshness to it. 

Where: Ci Hang (Western & Chinese Vegetarian Fast Food) 72 Lorong 25-A Geylang. Singapore 388256. Tel: 9001 7639. Opening Hours: 11am-9pm Sat-Thur

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine @ Bespoke …

We were back at Bespoke again on a rainy Sunday. The first experience at Bespoke was good and we were for other dishes.  We could not decide what to order and randomly picked the ISO Soba Set @ S$18 and Green Tea Noodle @ S$9.

 Green Tea Noodle @ S$9
ISO Soba Set @ S$18

Delicious! It is quite a good place to have a good lunch or dinner with friends or family members.

Where: Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dinning. 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza #01-05 S189652.  Tel: 63377050. Daily: 11.30am-3pm & 5.30pm-10pm

Deep Fried Vegetarian Dumpling ……

Passed by Fortune Café after having a wonderful vegetarian meal in the vicinity. Remember they do serves deep fried wanton or dumpling, so was there for it even we were full.

Had tried ordered as take away but it wasn't that good any more. It needs to be consumed on the spot, fresh and hot from the oven.

 Deep Fried Vegetarian Dumpling @ S$3

Crispy and nice!  9 pcs for S$3.

Where: Pine Tree Cafe. 190 Middle Road #02-13 Fortune Centre. Tel: 98154940.

Opening Hours: 9am-9pm

Saturday, December 07, 2013

I could not find you, so …

Esther left a comment in this blog and recommended this place … I done a quick check on the location and mentally noted it down.  

Two weeks ago, I was at Aljunied and wanted to try out.   But, I could not find the stall, so I have to change my plan …

It was a busy morning helping to sweep and clean the staircase of the Zen Centre and I need food, so I went elsewhere instead  …

After my lunch, I went around to search for it again and saw the banner and with that found the stall which was sandwich in-between the other non-vegetarian stalls in the coffee shop. But it was too late, I was full, no capacity to have more …

Today, I was at Aljunied again and I told myself, why not  give it another try.  Standing in front of the stall, between the western pasta and laksa which one should I ordered? Laksa won and I ordered a bowl of Laksa at S$3.

The soup based was just nice, not too thick with coconut milk and very spicy! A delicious bowl of laksa!
Laksa at S$3
Like many typical vegetarian stalls in Singapore, this stall serves fried noodles, rice and veg dishes and some stir-fry dishes. Price wise reasonable. The name of the stall sound familiar but I just not able to …

Where: Friendly Vegetarian. Choice Eating House. 56/58 Geylang Lor25A.

Quite a delicious bowl of Vegetarian Mushroom and Fishball Noodle Soup

A simple bowl of soupy Vegetarian Mushroom and Fishball Noodle (S$3) at Healthy Vegetarian  at 7 Eunos Crescent (near Euno MRT) before rushing off to a Dharma Talk last Friday evening.

Quite delicious … : )

Where: Healthy Vegetarian (康素小厨)Blk 7 #01-2641 Eunos Crescent, Singapore 400007.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A quick dinner at Miao Yi …

It was a Sunday evening, as usual weekend at Miao Yi is always very crowded and reservation is recommended.

We have the intention of going to Miao Yi for dinner after the 1-Day Hundred-Syllable Purification Mantra Chanting nearby. Otherwise, this place is a little out of the way for us to go there.  But we were too lazy to find out their number to make a reservation.

So we went there, if we were lucky to get a seat we would dine there or else we could always travel to town for our vegetarian dinner.  So it was never an issue looking for vegetarian food, just go with the flow.

They managed to slot us in as the table we were going to be seated have a reservation at 7pm.  Knowing this, we made a swift order and enjoyed our dinner.

Creamy Shark’s Fin Soup @$1

Picking from their speciality list at a glance, it definitely helped us to make our order fast.  We ordered the Creamy Shark’s Fin Soup @$12 and the Crispy Bird Nest with Mushroom @ S$12. Aware of the time constraint, we didn't order much food.

Crispy Bird Nest with Mushroom @ S$12

Both were delicious and well presented.  The Shark’s Fin Soup was creamy in such a way that you would not feel you are feeding on starchy soup but it was a little sweet.

The name – Crispy Bird Nest caught my attention, based on the menu, it was just a name and does not reveal much of the dish and we didn't really check with the waitress. I thought it was the yam ring with some mushroom but that was another dish. On the whole, it was presentable and delicious.

Because most of their dishes are well presented and I was attracted to the dishes been served to other diner.  If I ever passed by there again, I have in mind what I will order - the yam ring dish! But if I remember ... 
Where: 587 Bukit Timah Road Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01/02. Singapore 269707. Tel: 64671331.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Was @ Nature Vegetarian Delights - Serangoon Shopping Centre

Haven’t been to this place for a long time. The reason that I came because of the cheerful server at the nearby restaurant where we were having our dinner sometime back, told us about this.

Nature Vegetarian Delights is located at the Serangoon Shopping Centre, same level but at a different unit, which is more visible from the main road now.  It was crowded and as we were in a hurry, we ordered something simple –  Mini Steamboat (with rice) @ $6 and Curry Fried Rice @ $5.
 Curry Fried Rice @ $5

The Curry Fried Rice look beautiful was of Indian Curry flavour, maybe a little difficult to accept the taste, unless you are a fan of Indian cuisine.  The mini steamboat contains milk but was a bit too little to add a robust flavour to it. I wonder whether do they have other type of soup base for the mini steamboat but I forgot to ask!

Mini Steamboat @ $6 

Where: Nature Vegetarian Delights. 756 Upper Serangoon Road #04-04 Singapore 534626. T: 6286 8028. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vegetarian Food is simply so delicious!

At Yes Natural having dinner before sitting in the weekend Meditation class nearby. The Salad sushi and Almond Noodle are still our favourites. However, we discovered more yummy dishes too.

  Monkey Head Mushroom 
Petai with Tempeh

This time round we ordered the Petai with Tempeh and Monkey Head Mushroom dishes and simply love it.  Loving the simple vegetarian food. 

Just a quick note, this eatery can be rather crowded and it is advisable to make reservations or go early.

Where:  Yes Natural (F&B) Pte Ltd. 57 Lor 27 Geylang Singapore 388184. Tel 6741 1580 
Web: http://www.yesnatural.biz/en/yesrestaurant.html

Monday, September 30, 2013

A wonderful meet-up @ Kailash Parbat

Going to Kailah Parbat for our meet-up was a wonderful suggestion from a non-vegetarian. 

It is simply amazing to discover that more and more non-vegetarians are so well aware of where to find good vegetarian cuisine in Singapore.

My first time here, I love the décor and ambience of the restaurant.  We have a wonderful night chit-chatting and savouring the delicious vegetarian food. Life is great!

Where: Kailash Parbat Restaurant. 3 Belilios Road #01-03, Hotel Grand Chancellor Singapore 219924.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food @ Bendemeer

Was at Bendemeer a few times but never have the opportunities to go to Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food. 

I purposely made a trip there to order their Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup @ S$5. This was not was I would expected as I still could not forget the tasty Shark Fin Soup which I had in May 2013.
Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup @ S$5

However, I would go again for other dishes on their menu.

Where: Bendemeer - Blk 27 Bendemeer Road #01-659 Singapore 330027

Buffet @ Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is situated in the Quality Hotel near Novena. I have been there many years back and recently, we heard about this restaurant from few friends. So, we decided to bring our new vegetarians friends to try their cuisine.

We went there twice within few weeks to taste the Asian Buffet and the Steamboat Buffet. The food here is nothing fancy, but it is full of simple things that are perfect for buffet lover!

When we were there for the Asian Buffet on a weekend, the place was full! We were glad that we did make a reservation before heading there. Besides, the wide range of dishes, there were salad bar, dessert, a good variety of drink option, Japanese sushi, Dimsum, few varieties of soups and other local and Taiwan favorities like vegetarian laksa, vegetarian congee, vegetarian chicken rice and the like. Pretty impressed with the diversity of the buffet menu.

DIY Laska ...

As for the Steamboat Buffet @ S$19.80++ which only served on weekday (Mon-Thur).  You get to taste some Dimsum, salad, Japanese sushi, dessert etc. Quite a good buffet spread!

Where: Vegetarian Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. 201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926. Tel:  6254 0090/91. Daily Operation Hours: 11:30am to 3pm & 6pm to 10pm

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