Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Vegetarian Ricotta Cavatelli!

Great that there's vegetarian option on Cook and Brew's menu. Ordered the 2-course Executive Lunch Set @ S$35++, they served my Pumpkin Soup without Bacon and the Handmade Ricotta Cavatelli, which is suitable for Vegetarian.

The Pumpkin soup was a little too salty for me. As for the Ricotta Cavatelli the different ingredients mixing together gives a delectable unique taste.

A sense of spaciousness in the restaurant and with beautiful sea view overlooking the Marina South Pier.

Website: http://www.cookandbrewsingapore.com/en/home

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Vegetarian-Friendly & Good Vegetarian Food

Amazing! Good to see more and more vegetarian-friendly restaurants. The Exchange serves simple and yet delicious Vegetarian Risotto @S$22++. I love the Smoked Mushroom Risotto! Enjoyed.


Saturday, April 01, 2017

Taste of Indian Vegetarian Cuisine @ Shree Ganga(Lau Pa Sat)

I love Masala Dosai and decided to order this on Shree Gangal’s menu.  There are few vegetarian stall sat Lau Pa Sat and it is great to have a wider choice. The Masala Dosa which I ordered was simply delicious and I love the potatoes in it. I wonder if I can simply request to up size the potatoes

Where: Shree Ganga @ Lau Pa Sat. Stall no. 40, 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582.

Ippudo @ Food Garden

The vegetarian gourmet scene is seeing new freshness.

Nowadays, the vegetarian population is increasing and also many meat eater would enjoy a vegetarian cuisine for a change. Love to see eateries are more vegetarian friendly now which make dinning with meat-eaters or vegetarian friends/colleagues with a much wider choice.  

I chanced upon Ippudo Express offering a vegetarian option on their menu, it was a surprise.  So far, I haven’t really come across vegetarian eateries that serves good ramen yet. So, I ordered a bowl of Veggie Consomme @ S$10.  

Tasty and flavourful Ramen!  I would think if this Ramen has some crispy seaweed added to it would be even better. I will ask for softer ramen when I ordered next time. And it would be great if there are more vegetarian option here.  

Website: www.ippudocom.sg

Sunday, March 12, 2017

My new drink - Pumpkin with Gula Malacca!

I bought half a pumpkin for still life drawing 1-2 weeks ago. Impermanence, my plan and schedule totally changed, didn’t have the time + mood to draw.
The perishable pumpkin can’t wait. So today I used it to create a simple new drink - Pumpkin with Gula Melaka and Coconut Milk!
Rather similar to the Eggless Pumpkin Kaya and Pumpkin with Ginkgo Dessert recipes which I improvised in 2009.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Afternoon Coffee by the Singapore River …

Stop in to ACM. Joined a free guided tour to explore Buddhist Sculpture in 3rd /4th Century, picked up new forms with local ideas borrowed. Also Tang Shipwreck Exhibit, discovered in 1998 after 1100 yrs. Interesting!

What’s next? It’s time for tea! Head to Prive ACM to eat, drink and relax at Alfresco area, looking at Singapore River view and CBD skyline. Life's good, enjoyed 50% off sliced cake (suitable for Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian) with a coffee ordered on weekday 3-6pm! Final bill is S$8.20. Service is good. The Kopi-C is a little blend, otherwise it is great. If there are more vegetarian/vegan option, it would be fantastic. 

The realisation – Human do not know a lot of things! The world is so vast, our knowledge and understanding are so limited. History is always in progress of re-writing. Even we ourselves, Do we know ourselves? Not really. Hmmm ..., time to start the self-discovery journey! 

Where to find Vegetarian Food @ Malaysia Food Street Resort World Singapore …

Being a Vegetarian or Vegan, if you are given a meal voucher to be used in any restaurants in S.E.A Aquarium/Adventure Cove Water Park and Malaysia Food Street, basically you haven’t got much choice.  

First of all, there isn’t clear any indication where to find vegetarian/vegan food.  Either do I want to waste time queue up and only to discover that the stall cannot “customise” a vegetarian version for me. 

It was a relief to see Roti Canai & Nasi Briyani serves Vegetarian Biryani Rice Set @ S$6.5, it’s delicious but the curry is very spicy even for me who loves chilli padi.  

For those who can’t take spicy food, you may want to try other vegetarian friendly eateries or restaurants in the premises. 

Monday, March 06, 2017

A new dinning experience for Non-Vegetarian!

Indulged our taste buds at one of the best vegetarian fine dining restaurants in Singapore.  It is a perfect place for meat-eater friends to treat their vegetarian/vegan friend a good meal!

My meat-eater friends are simply impressed and all of them love the Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza @ S$15.80++ or S$23.80++ (5-course set menu) and find the 5-course set very refreshing.  

Where: Elemen @ Thomson Plaza. 301 Upper Thomson Road, #01-113 Thomson Plaza, S574408. Tel: +65 6452 0351

Website: http://www.elemen.com.sg/

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Go drink Coffee!

A cuppa of traditional coffee and pumpkin kaya toast at this beautiful cosy Owl Café located in the National Gallery.  I love the quietness and the ambience.  A little rest place for me after completing the free docent-led guided tour in the gallery. 

Simple pleasure and happiness can be found in life, if we chose happiness and be open to it in all different forms.  

It didn’t cost much, just S$5.20 for the set meal and I can use the receipt to redeem 2 admission tickets (S$15/ticket) to the Artist And Empire (En)countering Colonial Legacies (end 26 Mar 17). 

If there are more vegetarian or vegan option, I love to come back again and again. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A vegetarian café that looked good!

Having such lovely café all around the places in Singapore and served delicious vegetarian food really make going vegetarian so easy.  Nowadays, more and more non-vegetarians are attracted to vegetarian food.

As a vegetarian, I like the food served here. This is my second time visiting the outlet at The Aperia.  Service is good and the menu is good.  As a soup lover, I love to order soup – Lotus Soup as usual.  The fried rice is tasty too.

Where: Café Nature. 12 Kallang Ave. The Aperia #01-28 S339511. Tel: 6702 3962.

Monday, February 27, 2017

This place was recommended by my non-vegetarian boss who had dined there few times before and thought the dishes served are delectable. 

So, she brought me there and indeed the food served was delicious and the price reasonable. We ordered a vegetable dish, mushroom dish and a soup to go with rice. A simple good tasty meal.    

A vegetarian café hidden in the old HDB housing estate and I was surprised to see that there were many dinning there.  If it isn’t too far from my place, I definitely would go often.

Where: D’life Bistro & Café.  118 Commonwealth Crescent #01-29 S140118.  Reservation: 6635 7282. Enquiry: 9749 1714.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dlifebistro

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sweet Surprise! Another modern meatless fine dining!

Simply awesome! Another modern meatless fine dining at Joie by Dozo. 

I really enjoy and love awesome innovative vegetarian food using nature fare and also the serene roof top garden with an temporary chic ambience! Thumbs up!
Lunch @ S$38.8++ Dinner @ S$68.8++

Where: Joie by Dozo. 181 #12- 01 Central, Orchard Road, S238824. Tel: +65 6838 6966. 
Web: http://www.joierestaurant.com.sg/


没肉的肉骨茶好吃吗?是肉骨茶吗? 一直认为一定要有肉,其实不然。

一碗素肉骨茶汤蛮容易煮又好吃。人生可以像这碗素肉骨茶汤。没肉就看看厨房有没有别的可用的材料,加点心思,爱心和创意,就可以呈现一碗好看好吃的素肉骨茶汤 了。


同样的汤,用点创意来呈现,看起来可以是一碗特别的素肉骨茶汤 !我想人生也可以这样吧 - 就算没什么也可以把它变成一碗与众不同的素肉骨茶汤!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Vege Pot @ Fortune Centre

At Bugis, Vegetarians are simply spoilt for choice! This is simply a vegetarian heaven, just in Fortune Centre this building housed more than 10 vegetarian eateries. Nowadays, many people, vegetarian or meat eater too, go for Vegetarian Food. 

Vege Pot located at Fortune Centre (level 2), has a good variety of choices  Hard for me to decide what to order. Anyway, I went for Vegetarian Penang Prawn Mee @ $5.5,  as not many places can do vegetarian Prawn Mee well and I want to try this in this eatery.  

There is one place where I love the Vegetarian Prawn Noodle soup base, but it is located at the hawker centres in Hougang  The price is very reasonable but doesn’t have what I would love to have – Kang Kong Veg or Pawn Mee Special Sambal chilli would that added oomph factor to the soup.

Here, presentation look good, serving is big and quite delicious. Just that, it isn’t spicy as I thought it should be.  Will be back to try other food they serves.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Vegetarian Dim Sum Hi-Tea

I’m a biased Vegetarian when come to Vegetarian Dim Sum, love to go to LingZhi. Since turned vegetarian out of a sudden in 1993, I’ve been dinning at LingZhi and love their Vegetarian Dim Sum.

By default, I went to Lingzhi last December again for Dim Sum Craving. Dim Sum Hi-Tea @ S$14.8++. 

However, I always open to delicious Vegetarian Dim Sum by other eateries if there are any other good ones around!

Where: Lingzhi Vegetarian. 238 Thomson Road #03-09/10 Velocity @ Novena Square. Singapore 307683. Tel: 6538 2992.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Let’s fall in love with Bangkok again!

Will Bangkok Jam become a popular choice for Vegetarian Diners? I don’t know. 

They have few outlets and lovely enough to have a vegetarian menu option. So I went to the outlet at Singapura Plaza, last December.  Overall experience still good, cozy,  location is easily accessible and with reasonable pricing.  

Will definitely go more if there are more diversify Vegetarian Option. [smile]

Enjoying the simple yet miraculous things in life …

Being a vegetarian in this Vegetarian Food Heaven country is simply easy! With so many wonderful vegetarian eateries in Singapore, I can really eat a lot and a lot, if I want to. Don’t be surprised!

Last November, at this Vegetarian Thai Restaurant, I finished a big claypot of Tang Hoon and a delicious Thai Chendol, all by myself.  It shocked the Waiter : O  I laughed.

Where: Pepper Jade, 91 Bencoolen Street Sunshine Plaza #01-20 Singapore 189652.  Tel: 6337 7030

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Happy Food Moment @ O’bean …

After a not so fantastic buffet near Tanjong Pagar (my expectation has “levelled up” a lot), we took a slow walk to Chinatown.  On the way, we passed by O'bean Organic Soya and went in.

Had been to O’bean for few times but it was “grab-and-go” rush experience. Never did I know, this vegetarian eatery is such a lovely gem. I fell in love with the décor and convivial ambience in the eatery.  

Browsing through their menu … I knew I’ll come back for their speciality which I may not find it elsewhere and savour slowly.

Where:  32, 30 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088453

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ObeanOrganicSoyaStore/

YES! Veggie Crunch Burger

Within the diverse food scene in Singapore, I really appreciate vegetarian-friendly eateries/restaurants.  

With Veggie Crunch Burger @ S$3 permanently on the menu, my non-vegetarian friend will never have to worry that I don’t have anything to eat if we are in a non-vegetarian eateries and making it so much easier to making choices on where to go!

This Veggie Burger is nice, so much better at some eateries which used deep-fried hash brown for the patties!  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

哈! 是魷魚蕹菜!


几个月前下班后,都会特地溜个大圈儿,在新加坡唐人街散步,享受夕阳西下的时光,再搭地下铁回家。就这样子在庙堂街的一家素食店  --  一心素食,找到了素魷魚蕹菜,就叫了一盘当晚餐吃, 味道还不错, 很满足,开心。


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Eat Green Days @ Thunder Tree … [RELOCATED to People's Park Centre Food Court]

I was thrilled by Thunder Tree operating at NorthTech! I head to this newly open stall which serves fresh and delicious organic food often now.
Simply love Hakka Lei Cha! Oishi!  One bowl is never enough, I would ordered 2 bowls with the extra bowl @ $1.  No one serves  the Hakka Lei Cha Rice Set priced ($5.5) quite like Thunder Tree,  the speciality is in the rice itself,  a different texture, fragrance and flavorful.
The Lei Cha Noodle ($4) is another item which I think the health-conscious diner would love.  As a chilli lover, I think this noodle dish would go best with red/green padi with soy sauce!
The Yam Porridge ($2.5) is a light yet comforting meal - simple and tasty. I tasted yam in it.   Maybe, they could introduce the option to choose a bigger bowl that priced differently or pairs with mini side dishes(Lei Chai Rice Vegetables).  While savouring the porridge,  my creative mind got turned on, what if they can serves Lei Cha Porridge, for something different?
Besides, these few items which I tried and satisfied with, there are Tofu Salad, Organic Salad, Fried Rice etc which I definitely will come for again. 
Where: Thunder Tree. NorthTech. 29 Woodlands Industrial Park E1. Singapore 757716. (Mon-Fri: 8am-14.30pm, Sat:8am - 13pm, Sun: Closed)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/1813720368914259/local_search?surface=tyah

Relocated to:
*地址 Address*:
101 Upper Cross St, People's Park Centre Food Court B1-06 stall 8 S(058357)
*营业时间Operating hours*:
Mon - Sun (rest on Tue),
11am - 7.30pm
*电话 Tel*:
9839 6008

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Comforting Indulgences @ Shu Vegetarian

I like the taste of the food and the atmosphere here and pop by for dinner quite often. 

The Indian Rojak ($6.0) was good, I love the deep fried tempeh – crispy and delicious. It paired well with a glass of Ice Jelly Drink ($2.5).

Definitely a great option for budget-conscious me – that is the best part. Just $20.5 for a Western set, French Fries, Soup of the day – Lotus Soup and Fried Rice. 

Where: Shu Vegetarian. 259 Jalan Kayu. Singapore 799488. Tel: 6493 7265

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SHU-Vegetarian-303321370009833/

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Slurping the fresh, lively food – Yasai Ramen @ Heathrow Airport T5

@ Heathrow Airport and was craving for piping hot noodle or rice and it needs to be vegetarian or vegan!  

Glad to find wagamama which serves fresh and exciting food!  After checking with the staff whether there are any dishes suitable for vegetarian, I decided to enjoy my dinner there.

Simply like good atmosphere restaurants that are vegetarian/vegan friendly and if there is a good permanent vegetarian option menu, that will be fantastic!  I love exciting Asian Vegetarian Food.

Dinning along the communal tables and while waiting for my food to arrive, I was captivated by the mini signage on the table.  Slurping the fresh, lively food - Yasai Ramen, wonderful.

Where: http://www.heathrow.com/shops-and-restaurants/restaurants-a-z/wagamama

déjà vu - a lovely car ...

déjà vu.  Chance upon this lovely Car twice  ... [ I smile] Maybe it is time to visit Combi Cafe Vegetarian! 

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Enjoying Comfort Vegetarian Food @ Shu Vegetarian with Rustic Feel …

This newly open eatery is located at Jalan Kayu with a rustic vibe. I love the outdoor seats for an evening meal by the road.  It is relaxing sitting there when the sun goes down, watching the slow traffic passing by, and savouring the moment and the food.

Delicious food, the eatery offer a good selection of hearty comfort zi char dishes. With some rare dishes like Vegetarian Indian Rojak and Roti John. 

Everything here is without GST and Service Charge and pricing is real affordable (Zi Char pricing)! The Stir-fried vegetable dishes are priced at $7 - $12, Rice Set at $4.5 - $5.5 and Noodles at $4-$5.

Where: Shu Vegetarian. 259 Jalan Kayu. Singapore 799488. Tel: 6493 7265

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SHU-Vegetarian-303321370009833/

Table for One, Please!

A Lovely evening! Enjoying my delicious dinner at this relaxing newly open Shu Vegetarian located at Jalan Kayu.

A bowl of delicious hearty comfort food - Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup @ $4. (no GST and no Service Charge), with generous serving. 

Where: Shu Vegetarian. 259 Jalan Kayu. Singapore 799488. Tel: 6493 7265
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SHU-Vegetarian-303321370009833/

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A revisit - Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at Quality Hotel …

We revisited Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant for their sumptuous Buffet @ $24.8++ (weekend price), after my Meditation Session at Zen Center, few weeks back.   

The selection and quality of food is getting better and better! Looking at the mouth-watering selections of dishes ranging from Asian Noodles, Taiwan Cuisines, Assorted Sushi to Crispy Pizzas and Pasta, simply enough to excite my taste buds.

My well-loved dishes they got it done perfectly - the vegetarian chicken rice, Laska, Taiwanese Mee Suan, Curry with toasted bread, Congee, flavourful Soups and many more …

Was it after meditation, I filled with more calm energy that enhances the taste of the food or Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant has treasure trove of dishes full of flavours. 

Hmmm … I would say – BOTH. [smile]  Happiness is enjoying sumptuous vegetarian meal with loved one!

Where: Vegetarian Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant. 201 Balestier Road Singapore 329926. Tel:  6254 0090/91. Daily Operation Hours: 11:30am to 3pm & 6pm to 10pm

静思书轩 ... 我终于来喝杯咖啡!

我终于来喝杯咖啡!到禅林坐完禅,心静下来后,我顺道来这点了Cappuccino @ S$5。生活可以很简单但却不无聊。有许多许多事情值得做, 学习,体验而不是去比较和争执。

记得两年前,上过温宗堃教授的两日工作坊。学习了一种生活的艺术 - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program。教授在教我们瑜伽时,对我们说只是依自己的能力去做,不需去看旁人,快或慢都没关系,把正念放在每个动作上,觉察自己。那时我终于有一种新的体验,原来瑜伽依这种方式做,感觉和以前很不一样,也不累。心情是静安和放松的,充满正面的能量。


回想起来,原来自己是幸福的,看来像是没成就,但却有有那么多的机会学习和体验人生里的酸甜苦辣 好丰富的人生。

Where: Jing Si Books & Café. Blk 134 Geylang East Ave 1 #01-219. S380134. Tel: 6747 2080. 10am-9pm. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Delicious Vegetarian Green Curry @ Silom Village (BKK)

I really appreciate those vegetarian friendly restaurants and eateries.  After 240km land journey from Pak Chong to Survarnabhumi Airport and it was great to be able to enjoy a delicious vegetarian late dinner at BKK airport just before my flight back to Sin.  

Language is a barrier for me in Bangkok and it was great to see a vegetarian menu in this restaurant with different good option. Thumbs up for the Vegetarian Green Curry.

Where: Silom village @ Survarnabhumi Airport.

静思书轩 ...

第一次路过静思书轩,觉气氛不错 - 书香,咖啡香,心灵香 ,有台湾的味道。蛮喜欢这里的气氛。说下次经过时,要来这喝杯咖啡。但每回都忘了,只是进去买了静思语妙用卡。
下次要 停下脚步,喝杯咖啡,翻翻书,享受下简单的快乐。
Where: Jing Si Books & Café. Blk 134 Geylang East Ave 1 #01-219. S380134. Tel: 6747 2080. 10am-9pm. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Exploring Vegan Cuisines @ Genesis Vegan Restaurant …

If you’re looking for a reasonable price (no GST & service charge) and good, healthy yet delicious vegan food, Genesis Vegan Restaurant at 115 Owen Road (Farrer Park MRT) is the ideal eatery to go to.

Dishes that I enjoyed are Nonya Laksa @ $7.9, Ba Kut Teh @ $7.9 and Original Dumplings @ $6.0, Hakka Abacus @ $8.0.  

The menu is good enough with Western, Rice and also Local selection but I thought it would be fun to do a mix and match.  Personally, I like their Nonya Laksa broth and Dumplings, how about forming a more adventurous combo - Dumplings with Laksa broth or pairing Dumplings with a mini salad that came with Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta.

Hakka Abacus dish is simply delicious, well done and not oily.

The Ba Kut Teh soup is robust with plant-based ingredients such as tofu, mushroom, yam, wolfberries etc. The rice is serves with vegetable that make a healthy balance meal.  Rice or Noodle, Noodle or Rice,  for Ba Kut Teh, hmmm …. I wonder ….

Where: Genesis Vegan Restaurant. 115 Owen Road Singapore 218922. Tel 6438 7118.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Genesis-vegan-health-food-restaurant-51230985153/

Friday, June 03, 2016

Yowza! Look at this ...

From HungryGoWhere:  
Food Guide Fortune Centre, check it out here:  vegetarian eateries at Fortune Centre
Best Vegetarian Degustation, check it out here: haute veggies.
13 best vegetarian restaurants taht won't leave you hungry, check it out here vegetarian’s dream

From Shout:
9-vegetarian cafes in singapore so good you wouldnt mind going meatless

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Awesome Lunch @ Afterglow

Quinoa Bowl @ S$16+ 
My young man has fallen in love with the awesome vegan raw food at Afterglow and he brought me there.  

Co-incidentally, Keong Saik Carnival is on May 28, the area is simply vibrant.  It reminds me of the Rocks Market in Sydney and Portobello Road Market in London. I love places with aesthetic appeal and the ambience today at this hip eatery was simply awesome for alfresco dinning. 

Quinoa Bowl @ S$16+ that I ordered was crisp and fresh and with its unique exciting tasty natural flavours. Simply love it. The Raw Lasagne @ S$22+ that my young man had was wholesome and delicious! I will try The Raw Taco Bowl next visit, as it was out of stock today.
The Raw Lasagne @ S$22+ 

Feeling blessed, a lunch can has such unexpected outcome, this world is amazing … [smiling]

Where: Afterglow by ANGLOW. 24 Keong Saik Road S089131.

Website: http://afterglow.sg/

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Nature Cafe - 好吃!

朋友Lavendar MRT一带有间素食Café – Nature Cafe,路过,就去了。

刚巧有我爱喝的汤,就点了一份 $5.5+。热热腾腾的莲藕花生汤,够味,好喝。太棒了! 服务也蛮好。

Where:Cafe Nature. Nature Vegetarian Restaurant Pte Ltd. No 12 Kallang Ave. The Aperia #01-28 S339511. T: 6702 3962

Saturday, February 13, 2016

At Rice House for their signature porridge!

It is porridge I am after, I came to Rice House (Vegetarian) for the signature Stewed Duck Rice (S$4) and paired it nicely with Stewed Peanuts (S$4)! A wonderful delicious meal!

Where: 129 Geylang East Ave 2 #01-102 S380129. Tel: 67473739.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Little Cosy Place for Vegetarian Meal ...

This causal quick-service air-conditional eatery offers tasty meal at very affordable price with causal and relaxed vibe.  Travelling here is a breeze and as it is located within short walk distance from Boon Keng MRT.

This simple Kway Teow Soup at S$4, that I ordered was delicious. There are also Rice Set like Curry Fish Rice priced at S$4 too. 

Where: Zi Zai Vegetarian. Blk 23 Bendemeer Road #01-523 S330023. Tel:62939579.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some interesting food options to look forward to at Nature Vegetarian Delights ...

Don’t miss this Claypot Main Xian (Mee Sua), S$5.5 at Nature Vegetarian Delights,  my non-vegetarian ex-colleagues simply love ordering this when they swing by for lunch.

A flavourful heart-warming comfort bowl of Main Xian. Add some pepper and black vinegar for the oomph factor.  Kind of taste like Shark’s Fin Soup.  

Serving is quite big and price is easy on the pocket, $5.5.  Quality yet affordable. They do have a fantastic good variety of  choices for noodle, rice, al carte dishes etc.  Most intriguing is the Prata with Ham and Cheese Wrap @ S$2.5. Check it out at the restaurant or their Menu

Do note, it is crowded on New Moon and Full Moon days. 

Where: Nature Vegetarian Delights Pte Ltd. 756 Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre S534626. Tel: 62868028. Closed on Monday.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


上個初一,特地到 Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant吃只有在初一十五才會出現在菜譜的滋補燉湯和素梅菜扣肉。

接著的十五,再去 Pepper Jade 吃價廉物美的泰國素食餐。

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