Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ci Hang (Chinese & Western Vegetarian Fast Food) 慈航中西素食

From the Aljunied MRT platform - you can see this building - look out for -The Green Signboard

Self-Service. Order at the Counter ...

CLOSED ON FRIDAY! 2 years ago, when I wanted to go CI HANG, I picked the wrong day - I went on a Friday!  They are CLOSED on FRIDAY, and I end up in Whole Earth when they were at Geylang.

 Subsequently, I forget again that they CLOSED ON FRIDAY, so I went there on a Friday again! After that I gave up, because I just could not remember  that they - CLOSED ON FRIDAY.

Finally, I managed to visit them and they were open!  It was a Thursday but I already had my lunch at Yuan Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant which was situated at the row behind Ci Hang.

 Mash Potatoes @ S$2
Since I still remember that some recommended their MASH Potatoes. So, I ordered Mash Potatoes @ S$2. It tasted good and delectable.

A clean and neat eatery filled with soft soothing relaxing music. This nice little eatery has a wide selection of vegetarian food - Western and Chinese, Hot and Cold Beverages and even Organic Set priced ($4.50-$5.50)at a very reasonable price.  The most expensive item is Braised Chicken (Western Cuisine) priced at $9 and most of the items below $5. 

In today society, ingredients are not cheap plus the high operational cost, the price of food are relatively high. Most of the vegetarian eateries are struggling with the pricing in this competitive market. For some they are even making losses, just that we are not ware. For them to carry on with noble task, they treat the business not as profit making, but as "voluntary work" or based on the concept of "素食供众广结善缘" or ...This is the beauty of Vegetarianism in the modern society.

There are also organic products which you can purchase from them.  I will sure to re-visit again.

Where: Ci Hang (Western & Chinese Vegetarian Fast Food) 72 Lorong 25-A Geylang. Singapore 388256. Tel: 9001 7639.
Closed on Friday.


Sunny said...

Yes, their Mash potato is nice.
There are so many new alternative choics from the area that I had not frequent them for sometime.
Try their Tom Yam fried rice too.
Hope it is still as good:-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Very true :) Sunny ...

I only have one tummy and I can't be travelling there often just for lunch or dinner, so very difficult to decide which one to go to.

Ok, keep that in mind :)

Cheers :)

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