Monday, January 07, 2013

Spreading the love for flower through vegetarian food …

I was at Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant with someone to discover the secret unique plant-based dishes … This is how I lured her here as she has not tasted sugar cane flower before. Yes, we were there to appreciate the Sugar Cane Flower!

We were lucky that the sugar cane flower is available, as this is a seasonal dish.
Sugar Cane Flower with Mushroom @ S$12
Sugar Cane Flower in the spoon 
Sugar Cane Flower (Original) @ S$12

Initially we ordered the Sugar Cane Flower with Mushroom @ S$12 and tasted the Sugar Cane Flower.  Wanting to know how the sugar cane flower tastes like without other vegetables and sauce, we ordered the Sugar Cane Flower (Original) @ S$12.

How does it taste? A secret – do discover the goodness yourself : ) 

It was a lovely lunch and the other dishes we ordered was delicious as well.

FYY Bee Hoon 
Hot Plate Tofu 

Where: Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant. 155 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208527. Tel: 6744 8009


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