Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Afternoon Coffee by the Singapore River …

Stop in to ACM. Joined a free guided tour to explore Buddhist Sculpture in 3rd /4th Century, picked up new forms with local ideas borrowed. Also Tang Shipwreck Exhibit, discovered in 1998 after 1100 yrs. Interesting!

What’s next? It’s time for tea! Head to Prive ACM to eat, drink and relax at Alfresco area, looking at Singapore River view and CBD skyline. Life's good, enjoyed 50% off sliced cake (suitable for Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian) with a coffee ordered on weekday 3-6pm! Final bill is S$8.20. Service is good. The Kopi-C is a little blend, otherwise it is great. If there are more vegetarian/vegan option, it would be fantastic. 

The realisation – Human do not know a lot of things! The world is so vast, our knowledge and understanding are so limited. History is always in progress of re-writing. Even we ourselves, Do we know ourselves? Not really. Hmmm ..., time to start the self-discovery journey! 

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